Why invest in content marketing

Why Invest in Content Marketing?

April 8, 2022CategoriesTags

As a content marketer, you already know the basics of content marketing (also known as inbound marketing) and are probably aware of a few different strategies. In this article we will discuss Why Investing in Content Marketing is important to your business.

Essentially, it involves creating and sharing effective content, including blog posts, videos, downloadables, infographics, social media posts, and guest posts to attract an audience and gently nudge potential customers through the sales cycle. 

Benefits of Investing in Content Marketing

Increases your digital footprint

Adding more quality content to your website helps create a larger digital footprint. As a result, your business gets more opportunities to be found in the search results.

Every page you create for your website gives the search engine one more page to index and serve your potential customers. The more quality content you have that helps them, the more likely they will choose your business when they wish to buy.

Is cost-effective at generating leads

One of the essential content marketing benefits is generating inbound leads by attracting your ideal buyers. Content marketing costs about 62% less than traditional marketing tactics, but it generates about three times as many leads (see above statistics link for source). Even though it can be time-consuming, content marketing is one of the best investments you can make in your business.

If you understand what your audience needs, your content will attract potential customers when it is presented during a search. The right content will feed your sales funnel, which helps your audience move closer to purchasing with you. When a visitor reads your blog or social media post, they will take action if the content provided is captivating enough that they would like to see more. The more qualified the lead, the less time you spend selling. You can focus on those most likely to convert.

Builds trust and awareness

Small businesses face the challenge of getting their brand in front of their target audience. But content that continually gets found when someone is looking for an answer influences your brand reputation.

Sharing your expertise also builds the trust of your audience. Your content should provide advice, education, and valuable solutions freely and without a sales pitch. When you create and share high-quality content, you are seen as an authority in your niche. You are now the expert that can help them solve whatever problem they have. Relationships built on trust are more likely to move beyond free advice into a profitable relationship for your business.

Creates the foundation for SEO

Without content, there is nothing to optimize. To rise in the search engine results, you need to create content that offers value and shares helpful information with your ideal customer. When your content satisfies searcher intent so it answers the question they initially asked the search engine, your content will attract them to you.

That type of content can increase your rankings. Ranking on the first page further strengthens the trust relationship between your audience and your brand. But generating traffic through organic SEO requires keeping your content relevant, informative, and up to date.

Increases your social media following

As your content gets promoted and shared, you can connect with people who have shared your content or commented on your post. This allows you to answer other questions and become a trusted source for helpful information. When the need arises, you become the go-to business to help solve their biggest problem.

Posting your content on your social media channels will allow customers to interact with your business. Your audience will want to like, comment, and share interesting content. And they are more likely to like your page or subscribe to your channel if you consistently give them quality information.

Delivers a high ROI

With an effective content marketing strategy, there are many ways you will see a positive return on your investment. Your business will enjoy:

  • Increased leads
  • Higher brand visibility
  • Better brand reputation
  • Increased inbound traffic

Provides long-term visibility

Unlike an advertising campaign, content marketing is in it for the long haul. When you run a PPC campaign, your visibility goes with it once you turn it off.

When your business ranks in the organic search engine results, it is there for a more extended period. Your position in the search results is not predicated on your ad budget. But you do need to keep the content up-to-date, so it remains relevant.

Provides value with no strings attached

Giver’s gain is the concept of helping people grow their businesses without an ulterior motive. Content marketing takes the giver’s gain concept of the network to a higher level. You help people freely without expecting anything in return. It makes your business approachable, and the one most people will feel more comfortable with when deciding to choose a vendor.

Invest in Social Media Marketing to grow your business

KLB Solutions makes it easy to plan, share and schedule posts in advance, keeping your social media marketing on track while concentrating on more important things.

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