What you need to know before hiring a remote administrator

What You Need to Review Before Hiring a Remote Administrator

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Does your business needs growth but could not fully work on your goals because your to-do list is simply endless?

Or are you struggling to make new schedules because you are too busy managing your business? 

If you answer YES to these questions, this can be a sign that you need support from remote administrators!

What you need to know before hiring a remote administrator

Remote Administrators or virtual assistants have been around in business operations for quite some time. With the continuing changes in Business setup, more and more owners and entrepreneurs are reinventing their strategies online, and remote administrators branch out their services to match business needs too.  

We believe that you have done your prior readings on the different services and benefits of remote administrators in a business. We also understand that knowing when is the best time to hire a remote assistant can be very difficult. However, the question When to hire a remote administrator” remains to be puzzling and interesting at the same time.

Considerations Before Hiring

If you feel that you need help in delivering business tasks, then you’re most likely ready to hire a remote assistant. But, this need must be thoroughly examined so your resources will not be put to waste. img-5

As an entrepreneur looking for remote assistance, there are a few things you have to review: 

Determining the Tasks 

Determining tasks can be something that requires skills you don’t have or tasks that you want to get help from your daily routine. Having a task for delegation is a good benchmark for deciding whether to hire a remote assistant or not. If you think about it, hiring someone with a  specific skill is helpful to your business and can improve your productivity and efficiency. It would be better to hire professional assistance than to take extra of your time navigating challenging tasks.

Clarify Your Purpose

While working on administrative tasks is necessary, it’s a different story if you are spending a lot of your time on back-end tasks, which can distract you from working on your business goals. Every business dream of becoming MORE and draining your energy working on all these tasks probably will give you the opposite– becoming LESS. If you are in the state of becoming too occupied accomplishing routine tasks, this can be a sign you need remote assistance for your business.

Understanding Your Limits

If looking at your endless to-do list stresses you out, and tasks are making you procrastinate, then that’s a good sign you need a remote assistant’s help. Managing too many important but routine tasks only takes so much of your time and distract your business goals which may stress you in the long run. Remote assistants have exceptional time management and working with them can free up some of your schedules so you can focus on working on business growth. 

Consider Cost and Budget

The current stage of where your business (whether it is still in the validation or implementation) is important as this will determine the need of hiring a remote administrator. If you haven’t started your business yet, it’s likely too early for remote assistance. If you hire too early, you will find it difficult to define tasks for them and you’ll be less likely to feel the impact of their services on your business.

The timing of hiring a remote assistant can also impact your financial capacities. Say for example your business isn’t making enough ROI yet, paying for a remote administrator can become an added financial stressor for you. The best time for your business to bring in remote assistance is when your business is already established or running up. 

Freelance or Outsourcing Company

Remote assistants are working dynamically and remotely. The trends in businesses nowadays also led to a diverse work/ service providing among remote administrators. If you’re someone convinced to hire a remote assistant, you’ll need to know which set-up is the best that meets your goal of hiring one. Below is a simple comparison of hiring a remote assistant as a Freelance and in BPOs.

Freelancer remote administrator is an advantage to a business because hiring one is more targeted to a specific skill set. This means that you can screen and hire a worker that is tailored to your business needs and not just any ‘first available’ assistant. Freelancers are great for one-time or project-based tasks that require a specific area of expertise, although there are also other freelancers that have a wide range of skills. There is a Virtual Assistance Application that offers companies to have control in their hiring process and requirements for a remote assistant. This application includes Upwork and FreeUp.

The downside of Freelance is that assistants and employer don’t have much recourse whenever things don’t work well. With the absence of team, there is also limited backups of the manpower and tasks will get affected at hand.

Outsourcing Company on the other hand, has a pool of professional assistants ready to help with tasks needed. Training and team support are one of the advantages of hiring from an outsourcing agency which can enhance the quality of outputs among its employees. Most the outsourcing companies offer a free trial period or strategic call to engage and brainstorm your business needs and where they can provide virtual assistance to the business. With this, in most cases, they charge a little higher than freelancing individuals to incur overhead costs such as payroll, team training, and project management tools. 

Remote administrator


Being overwhelmed in doing all the business work is enough reason to hire a remote administrator and hiring one can be a good move to mediate your business needs. When hiring, it is important that you identify what and why you need their help to have a clear task delegation and to find the best remote assistant with the right skills.  Once reviewed your current business situation, you’ll know when to hire remote assistants.

If you feel these considerations are true to your business situation right now, you can have the best assistance you’ll need if you’ll tap to the right outsourcing agency. Researching for a team with proven results and exemplary professionalism can lessen your stress and give you the peace of mind and the time you deserve.

Here in KLB Solutions, we deliver results and we stay true to our mission: We Turn Your Vision into a Reality. 

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