What is brand resonance and how does it work?

What is Brand Resonance and How Does It Work?

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Everyone in digital marketing knows that a solid and well-known brand is a significant asset to driving sales and business growth, in otherwords, brand resonance. Customers trust something they know about and as a business owner it would be easier to market yourself when you have a name.

However, for most, the goal is to create a brand that customers know and trust. A brand that customers can relate to, or rather, "resonates" with them.

So, what is Brand Resonance?

If you are a professional marketer, either in product or service provider, you are familiar with brand awareness, equity, and loyalty. In business, brand awareness, equity, and loyalty are the things we strive for. They are all components of brand resonance. 

Brand resonance, therefore, is the relationship you have with your clients. You strive for awareness because you can't build a relationship out of something customers don't know about. You achieve brand equity because customers value what you provide and want brand loyalty because retaining and gaining new ones are equally important.

Each of the three describes fundamental layers of brand resonance.

Do you need Brand Resonance in your Business?

Brand resonance is the culmination of all marketing efforts and is critical to your business's success. The relationship between the company and customers is the foundation to fill both satisfaction. 

Once your customers understand who you are, what you are, and how they feel about your brand, this directs how they will interact with your brand and how much connection they will have with you. 

As stated earlier, customers most likely engage with brands they like and trust. Taking a shortcut and not building the layers of brand resonance properly, your brand will be at risk of dissonance. Remember, your goal as a business is to resonate, and having discord will turn listeners away. Also, it's not a question of having it because brand resonance is a continuum, the focal point of your marketing that seeks to fill your customers' needs. It offers a solution to customers' problems and eventually guides them in purchasing decisions to build a stronger relationship. 

Identifying the Layers of Pyramid

The concept of brand resonance is usually portrayed as a pyramid. Let's start discussing each layer.

Layer 1: Identify

The first layer is called Brand Salience. This layer represents the questions from your customers, which are answered as they become aware of who you are.

Layer 2: Meaning

The second layer in the Brand resonance pyramid consists of Brand Performance and Brand Imagery. This second layer is built as customers decide what you mean to them. Customers' decisions will dictate how well your brand performs, especially in providing solutions and how your brand has met their needs. 

On the other hand, customers' emotional side is influenced by how your brand connects with them with the visuals you portray. This is where your brand logo, fonts, color palette, and other marketing designs are crucial because it cultivates your customers' experience.

Layer 3: Response

The third layer of Brand resonance is customer response. This is the question: How do customers respond to your brand message? This layer is evoked from the rational and emotional feelings of the customer's experience and will be the core of this layer.

Layer 4: Relationship

The topmost of all this is Brand Resonance– the overall relationship developed from getting to know your customers and vice versa, successfully introducing and building your brand awareness, and having positive feelings and experiences with your brand.


The key takeaway from this article is that as a business owner, you must successfully go beyond and above to build a quality relationship with your customers. Assess which layer of brand resonance you need more shoring up; assess your customers' experiences, feedback, and feelings about your brand and relationship.

An excellent way marketers connect with customers is through personalization and optimizing the right message. Here at KLB Solutions, we help businesses discover the impact of their brand, products, and services on their customer's interactions. 

We also offer digital marketing services, metrics, and report solutions to help you analyze and interpret your social media engagements and results. Developing a Brand resonance is challenging, but you can undoubtedly yield better results with the right tool and a team of professionals to rely on.

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