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Website Upkeep: 8 Steps to Keeping Your Site Current

March 31, 2023CategoriesTags

Understandably, website upkeep is sometimes disregarded, given the number of components that make up a thorough digital marketing campaign. It makes sense because developing a website is much more fun than maintaining one, which may be time-consuming. However, just because website upkeep isn't the most glamorous work doesn't mean it isn't crucial. On the contrary, website upkeep is critical for your company's survival in the digital age. 


Fortunately, you can do a few crucial actions to simplify website upkeep. Here are eight practical suggestions for maintaining and updating your website:

Verify Any Out-of-Date Plug-Ins 

Checking periodically for outdated plugins is one of the most crucial components of website maintenance. A website's security can be seriously compromised by outdated plugins, which increases the risk of hacking or data leaks. Additionally, it can negatively impact the performance of your website by lengthening load times. 

Ensure to frequently check for updates for all of the plugins on your website to prevent this. The plugin directory is a beautiful place to start if your website is housed on the WordPress platform. Still, other tools on the internet may help you find outdated plugins that affect your security and functioning.

Track Down Theme Updates 

You should regularly check to see if your website's theme has been updated in addition to maintaining the plugins on your website. Articles are susceptible to aging and security flaws, just like plugins. For this reason, up to 87% of websites are at medium to high risk for cyber security breaches. Maintaining your theme up to date is crucial because WordPress updates its platform frequently, ensuring that your website upkeep is compatible with the most recent version and secure from vulnerabilities.

Once again, the WordPress plugin directory is an excellent place to look for fresh themes. If an update is available for your piece, search for it; it will be mentioned next to the download button. Also, ask the creator of your theme whether they have any tools or update notifications that could speed up this process.

Conduct Security Audits 

Run regular security scans on your website as part of website maintenance. Malware, viruses, and SQL injection attacks are just a few of the security risks that can endanger the integrity of your website. You may find any possible dangers and take action to minimize them by doing a security scan before they cause any harm. 

You may do a security check using various tools and website software, so it's crucial to research and choose the best choice. Once you've selected a program you're comfortable using, conduct frequent scans—at least once per month. Although there are numerous free security screening programs on the internet, you probably won't get the all-encompassing security protection your website upkeep needs without a paid subscription.

Freshen Up Your Content 

Unsurprisingly, one of the crucial aspects of a website upkeep is routinely updating out-of-date material in the quick-paced world of digital marketing. This guarantees that the information your website visitors receive is accurate and enhances your search engine optimization (SEO).

Adding and upgrading website pages, such as blogs, corporate updates, and new services, is one approach to keeping your website content current and fresh. Make sure to examine your website's content for any out-of-date statistics or information and make the appropriate updates. This will not only enhance the user experience for those who visit your website, but it will also help you draw in more visitors and raise your website's placement in search engine results. Both your SEO strategy and your visitors will appreciate it.

Verify Any Broken Links 

Checking for broken links is another prevalent problem that should include in essential website maintenance. Website URLs may alter, or pages may be removed entirely over time. If website visitors click on a link only to be directed to an error page or, worse yet, a malicious website, this might cause dissatisfaction.

It's crucial to examine your website often for any broken links to prevent this. You can check for broken links in several ways, but one of the best methods is utilizing a program like Google Webmaster Tools. Just input the URL of your website, and Google will crawl it to look for any broken links. If any are discovered, a list of the problematic URLs will be provided to you so that you can amend or remove them as necessary.

Correct Small Bugs 

All websites will eventually encounter some problems or mistakes. Although these might seem minor problems, they can significantly affect the usability and functionality of your website. Since they can result in significant issues like data loss or security breaches, should fix defects as soon as they are discovered.

You may detect and correct website upkeep issues in a few different ways. The first is to monitor your website for any potential issues. Utilizing a program like Google's Webmaster Tools, which will notify you of any problems that Google's crawlers encounter while scanning your website upkeep, is an alternative, more effective technique. You'll save a ton of time in your website upkeep maintenance efforts by eliminating any issues before they can grow into a more significant problem.

Keep An Eye On Your Performance 

Monitoring your website's performance is essential for making sure it is current. This entails monitoring your website's uptime, speed, bounce rate, and general performance. Any decrease or odd patterns in these regions could signify a bigger problem that needs to be resolved.

In your website maintenance efforts, you can use various tools to track your site's operation, but Google Analytics is one of the most complete and user-friendly choices. You may monitor website-related information using Google Analytics, such as how many people visit, how long they stay, and which pages they view. This data helps identify any potential issues with your website upkeep so that you can take the appropriate corrective action.

Use A Digital Marketing Company 

Let's face it: maintaining a website may take a lot of effort, and many business owners typically need more spare time. Hiring a digital marketing company to handle it for you is one of the finest methods to guarantee that your website is always current and operating at its peak performance. In addition to assisting you with website upkeep, a reputable digital marketing agency will offer a wide range of other services that will be advantageous to your company. Therefore, finding one specializing in a full range of website maintenance services is crucial.

You can collaborate directly with a web designer, web developer, SEO specialist, and content creator by hiring a full-service digital firm (like ours!). Together, they will strive to guarantee that your website is routinely updated and maintained. Not to add, knowing that experts support your website will give you peace of mind. You may then focus on running your business, which you do best.


A successful website upkeep is crucial regardless of your company's size, sector, or location. Updating your website may avoid costly downtime, data loss, and security breaches. Not to mention that you'll be able to wow your present and potential customers while keeping your website up to date with the newest trends and technologies.

Maintaining a website is complex, especially if you're also trying to operate a business. 

Thankfully, that's where we step in. 

At KLB Solutions LLC will handle all the grunt work for you by combining our website maintenance services with SEO, web design, web development, content marketing, and more to guarantee that your website is always current and built to convert. Contact us to start your website maintenance subscription; it only takes a click.

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