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Web Design and Development: How They Make Cohesive Website

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If you consider building a website, you may confuse web design with web development. But there are differences between the two. While there are also similarities and differences between the two, it's essential to understand them to fully grasp how they co-exist and how they make a cohesive website together.

Understanding the Difference between Web Design and Development

In creating a website, you will need both web design and development. Well, you can design a website, but you cannot launch your website without developing it. The two are generally intertwined, and developers and web designers are familiar with development languages. 

Understanding the difference between web design and development sheds light on what businesses need to work on their website projects. 

Web Design typically focuses on:

  • the website visuals and graphical elements
  • the overall layout (logo, aesthetic, color palette, and visual hierarchy)
  • creates a powerful impact on customers for a better user experience

Web Development, on the other hand, focuses on:

  • the coding
  • Problem-solving on navigation and links
  • Implementing programming languages
  • Works alongside web designers
  • Integrates design and development elements into the website

Both design and development affect the website in a significant way. Web development adds features and functionality while design work on themes to make a website look and feel better. 

The two are not isolated fields of work. On the contrary, they are very connected, which makes them often confused as the same. So let's discuss salient elements of the two in detail to understand their difference.

Elements of Website Design

  • Web Design and Layout

As stated in the web design focus, it is responsible for the overall layout, such as logo, introductory text, headers, and graphical or video elements. In addition, it keeps up with the latest trends and should include mobile-friendly options, which web developers will closely work on.

  • Branding and Colors

Your color scheme will highly depend on the logo used on your website and even on what your customers prefer. Picking the correct branding and color helps give your website an aesthetic and is suitable for your target customers.

  • Graphics

A web design is anchored on the color theory and how they integrate the overall layout, color palettes, and themes into their visuals. Graphics and other visual elements also affect the overall website speed. That's why image optimization and compression are appropriately considered in the design.

  • Hierarchy

Hierarchy is fundamental if your website aims to attract prospective customers. Knowing where to place certain website elements and what graphics to compliment the website's aesthetic can make a lasting impression on your visitors.

  • Navigation

Navigation is an essential element in web design. Websites with no navigation bar may keep users away. It should be visible, accessible, and responsive. Aside from that, it also needs to be mobile-friendly.

  • Accessibility

Accessibility is equally important as any other element. It may seem to be a work under web development, but designing additional graphics and components, especially for smartphone devices, is essential. Web designers make sure that the website is not only accessible to one platform alone.

Web Development Elements

Website development includes SEO tactics to ensure the website is optimized and ranks top on search engines. A well-optimized website will most likely appear on the first pages of search results, such as on Google and other search engines.

  • Optimization

Whether building a website from scratch or using third-party solutions, website optimization eliminates unnecessary code for a better visitor experience. 

  • Structure

Structure makes the website load faster without bogging down. For example, proper coding formatting can significantly boost the website's overall loading speed, reducing bounce rates.


When you combine web design and development, it can truly build a successful brand presence online. Once you clearly understand the differences between the two, it will be easier to determine what areas in your website you need to focus more on. 

Whether you're looking to build a website or make it yourself, remember that these two can overlap, and some professionals can do both. Lastly, web design and development should work together to create an attractive, functional website.

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