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Virtual Shopping: The New Trend in Metaverse

November 8, 2022CategoriesTags

Most online activities in today's digital world come from Gen Z and younger generations. They are more intuitive to the virtual space, and their active engagement in social media dramatically contributes to virtual Shopping in Metaverse. Especially when Facebook rebranded its company into Meta in 2021, it drew customers' attention and reinvented their businesses.

As the virtual world expands, virtual Shopping in the Metaverse brings exciting opportunities for brands to start their marketing. In this article, we'll tackle virtual Shopping becoming a trend in the Metaverse world.

How is Virtual Shopping in Metaverse shaping Digital Marketing

As many companies venture into the Metaverse and the success it helped in building brand awareness, it has become a trend to optimize virtual Shopping to attract more customers. While it is not too different from traditional marketing, building a brand in the digital world requires innovative marketing strategies. Here's how:

Use of Avatars in Shopping

Avatars are not new in the retail industry. In the 2017 survey, retailers responded that they observe customers purchasing products with avatar elements in their advertising. Some big retail companies also incorporate avatars to enhance brand awareness and attract more customers. 

Shopping with Avatars allows customers to experience realistic exposure to a brand's product. And virtual Shopping in the Metaverse provides consumers to try the product through the avatar before they buy. 

 Metaverse Mall

Metaverse has escalated the shift from traditional Shopping to virtual Shopping in Metaverse. The Metaverse Mall gives users access to different online platforms where users shop, communicate, and build virtual businesses. In Metaverse Mall, a variety of business products are available:

  • Food
  • Clothing
  • Avatar skins
  • Real estate and Land properties
  • Other goods, including beverages


In this digital world, individuals spend most of their time socializing in online activities. Entertainment increases opportunities for brands to get in front of their potential customers. There are many ways to incorporate enjoyment in virtual Shopping in the Metaverse. Some include games, hosting events, and hubs.


Most user demographics consist of Gen Z shoppers and users. Gaming in Metaverse help brands keeps them well-populated as players immerse themselves in 3D online games. User engagement with other players creates a more extended period of online activities, increasing exposure to various advertisements.

Virtual Workers and Salespersons

Similar to what we see in Malls where salespeople and workers randomly hand out their companies' flyers, Metaverse virtual shopping is also full of salespeople, but in most cases, in the form of an avatar. 

Virtual Shopping in Metaverse allowed brands to show their digital version and explore virtual selling, which is a good way for brands to market their products and services.

Influencer Avatars

Influencers build their accounts and shops on social media platforms to create trends and increase sales. By 2022, many businesses will use influencer marketing to get better ROI. 

But with influence, avatars offer brands alternatives to address budgetary concerns in partnering with influencers. 

Building Virtual Shopping in Your Marketing Strategies

If you're wondering how to build your virtual shop or increase your brand's visibility, it's essential to revisit your marketing strategies. Here are some critical points you should include in your virtual shopping strategy:

  • Ecommerce
  • Brand awareness
  • Social Media
  • In-game and revenues
  • Ads

Most importantly, no matter your strategy, always ensure you invest rightly in traditional but best marketing practices, which are knowing your customer interests and using strong-branded visual content. 

Key Takeaways

First, virtual Shopping allows businesses to increase brand awareness through the six metaverse marketing strategies. Second, It is also shaping how the retail industry expands its customer reach. Lastly, to create virtual Shopping and integrate it into your marketing strategy, you need to consider the four critical points to be included in your marketing strategy.
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