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Top 6 Inbound Marketing that Works for Your Business

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Marketing is the best way to make your Business visible and known to your customers. It allows you to generate leads and tap into the benefits of using online marketing. However, some companies still don't know how to fully facilitate and implement a strategy to give them business results and help them stay competitive.

To reach your target customers, you need to know how to use Inbound Marketing and make it work to your business advantage. Inbound marketing can be tricky, but it's cost-effective and proven to convert customers organically.

If you're looking for the best strategies you can utilize for your Business today, then this article is the one for you.

What is Inbound Marketing?

Inbound marketing is a form of passive selling which allows businesses to create leads continuously. It's a tactic used by most enterprises to establish an online presence. Inbound marketing highlights the importance of creating content that attracts customers and guides them to the purchasing funnel. It's about getting sales and building customer engagements and relationships through mobile-friendly ads and social media posts.

Here are some statistics that prove inbound marketing is suitable for businesses:

  • Marketers felt a 41% increase in their business ROI.
  • There is over 82% of positive ROI because of inbound marketing efforts
  • It is 10x more effective in generating leads.
  • Increase customer satisfaction with original posts and consistent social media postings.

With these numbers on inbound marketing, it's a good strategy that boosts profits for any business.

The difference between Inbound and Outbound Marketing

Both marketings have a specific place in a good marketing strategy. But the other takes the information if we speak about getting more ROI and attracting more leads.

Outbound Marketing - A marketing strategy sends business messages to a broad, untargeted audience. Usually, the company takes the first move to market their Business and try to attract customers' attention. Typically, it can be the way traditional marketing works, which uses pad ads like TV, direct mail and cold calling to get their full attention and interest in your Business.

Inbound Marketing- On the other hand, this marketing allows the customers to take the first move of conversation and inquiry about your Business. Compared to outbound marketing, you as a business give customers contents that specifically target their interests and needs. The content can be a social media post stumbled upon or an article that answers their question search. 

The structure of inbound marketing is that it draws customers to your Business who have specific interests and are already interested in your service or product. This way, customers will naturally be pulled into your sales funnel.

Benefits of Utilizing Inbound Marketing

Customers are becoming annoyed with outbound marketing, so inbound marketing has been a detour for businesses to continue implementing their marketing plans. Here are the top 3 benefits of using inbound marketing for your Business:


As described earlier, all you need is well-targeted content that can be the solution your customers are looking for. It results in delivering higher ROI compared to other marketing tactics. In addition, it's cost-effective knowing that you can start small and maximize the use of your social media to create interactive content.


Inbound marketing relies heavily on digital platforms. Therefore, businesses must have a broad area for understanding and creating content for a targeted audience. Navigating these data spectra makes it easier for companies to identify how your target audience and leads find your Business and what they do once they visit your website. This helps you determine which marketing area needs improvement to boost your authority and sales.

Create a Quality Customer Relationship

Communication is key to building customer relationships. And inbound marketing allows this communication to prosper. Inbound marketing focuses on catering to customers' needs rather than selling a product. After providing customers with the answers to their problems, the Business continues to create a support system for the customers by leading them to a conversation. 

6 Inbound Marketing Strategies that Work for your Business

Similar to any other marketing plan, Inbound marketing needs effort and a plan to pivot your digital marketing. Here, we give you seven strategies to guide your way:

Make Interactive Content

Provide value to your brand by giving your customers knowledge and bridging their interest in your business offers. For instance, a blog post is an excellent way to cover customers' issues and claims, stay on your website, and discover other helpful things your company can offer.

Optimize Your Organic Traffic

With SEO, it can draw people to your business' website. If your landing pages are equipped with SEO-rich keywords, your business can have higher searches on search engines, just like Google. Ensure all your landing site pages show relevant titles and that your site is loaded with terms that fit your audience.

Establish Your Social Media Presence

Social media significantly impacts businesses' presence. It is commonly used to advertise a product or service. To effectively do this, companies need to:

  • Create exciting and relevant content that customers will love.
  • Do cross-promotion with other pages
  • Engage with your customers online by replying to comments and responding to posts.
  • Be responsive to customer inquiries sent privately.

Provide diverse offerings.

Build content that is on trend to keep your customers interested and engaged. With the rise of video and audio content, it's necessary that you also improve how you create content that your customers will surely love.

Offer Newsletter

Emails are now a common place to market your Business. They are a marketing tool to get customers to click the company's links or articles. The newsletter can also feature different types of content:

  • Product Launching.
  • Special Sales
  • Call to Action
  • Create Content

Use Cross-Promotion

Cross-promotion is the swapping of promotions with other businesses. For example, you can ask your guest entries into your blog site or invite someone as a podcast guest, and they will return and do the same. With cross-promotion, each Business and brand get exposure to the customers' based on each other, increasing their business presence. Cross-promotion can also happen by attending business summits and events and making yourself available offline or online. The more your Business spreads through word-of-mouth, the more people can recognize your brand and recommend you.


While inbound marketing can be legwork, it has paid off for years with the right content and search engine optimization. In addition, inbound marketing can create traffic to your website and increase pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. 

By following the six strategies mentioned, you can enjoy the effects of inbound marketing on your business sales and revenue. And if you don't feel confident in running your marketing advertisement for your Business, you can tap the help of a team of professionals to do the work for you. You don't have to be alone! 

Let us help you make your Business dreams a reality. Schedule a call with us today to get a FREE QUOTE!

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