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Top 5 Best Electrical Services Websites in 2022:  A KLB Perspective

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As an electrical service company, you may want to consider this question:  Does your website bring in new quality customers?

Many service industries fail to realize the importance of website design to their business profitability, marketing and customer leads. If a website is outdated or the appearance seems confusing, customers might not find it when they search for specific service industries, like Electrical services, in their area.

This article gives you our top 5 researched examples of the best electrical website designs for your inspiration. But before diving into our models, do you want to know why your electrical services need a good website design? Read on, and let’s understand better the importance of a website to your electrical service business.

Why create a website?

We consume electricity in almost all of our activities. And as long as people need electricity, electrical businesses will always be essential. In the same stance, consumers searching for electrical service companies will more likely trust providers with great websites. Although the hard skills of electricians have nothing to do with website quality, consumers still put a high value on the providers’ websites.

Having your electrical website is a must-have. It does not only help you reach your target audience, but it helps in achieving your business’s long-term goals. A website gives you control over simple tasks that you need to accomplish. Many electrical company websites have increased their audience by simply having a good website.

The KLB Solutions’ Top 5 Best Electrical Websites

 1. A&P Electrical Services

A&P Services is a full-service electrical company based in Los Angeles with certified electricians to provide commercial and residential electrical services. If you visit their website, it is a fitting example of simplicity. Their website features the variety of services they provide, with pictures of high-class homes and workplaces neatly displayed on the slider. 

Their contact information is visible below the slider, making the flow intuitive and easy, even for first-time and inexperienced visitors. 
You can A&P Electrical Services website here.

2. Moran Electrical Contracting

Moran Electrical Contracting is a company that emphasizes its quality relationship with customers. They take pride in the quality electrical artistry of experienced Union-certified electricians, and their services are offered for different structures like multi-residential, institutional, commercial, and industrial. 

With regards to their company website, it features a classy website design. Once you land on their page, high-quality photos are immediately spotted throughout the website. They also use sliders that showcase the various electrical services for the different structures they cater to. Their contact information is located in the lower area, typical of a website design. 
Check them out here.

3. Weifield Group Electrical Contracting

Weifield is one of the leading electrical companies building many of the world’s most energy-efficient structures. Once you arrive at their website, you can immediately see how established this company is in the electrical industry. 

Their website also provides a section where the company’s milestones are highlighted. It can also be observed that they live up to their tagline by having a “crew of the month” element on their electrician homepage. Another unique aspect of this website is having customized introductory videos, which adapt to website design trends. 

Many other features of the Weifield Website stand out from the rest, like the company awards, which creatively present their successful quality projects and milestones. They also have a blog site, which adds credibility and value to their reputation as a company.

4. Lighthouse Electrical Contracting

Lighthouse Electrical Contracting is an electrician firm that provides complete electrical services to residents and businesses around Massachusetts. Rather than using symbols and images to make what the company does evident, Lighthouse’s website uses quite not common elements. 

Upon landing on their website page, visitors can easily see their recent projects and the work they have done in the past. Their website has a “Track Record On Time” element that showcases their quality and the impressive projects the company has completed.
Check the Lighthouse company website here.

 5. Louis Shiffman Electric

Louis Shiffman is one of the real-life best New York-based electrical contractor companies with over 100 years of experience. Its website is a very simple design. While the website design may not be extravagant, it sure achieves everything it needs to do. 

Louis Shiffman’s website depicts the value of functionality over aesthetics. The simplicity of the website includes information about the company, contact information, social media posts, and directions to the office, which are all essential but important to see on a website.Visit them here.

Do you Need Help with your Website Design Page?

Don’t think twice about getting a good website. Websites are compelling in the discoverability and establishment of a business. That’s why it’s essential to leave users with a lasting impression of a website.
If you are an electrical service industry and need help starting up your website, KLB Solutions might be the answer to your website needs.! As an agency, we have over 14 years of experience building websites that convert; we don’t just make a website; we build trust and engage with your audience. We also help service industries to develop their social media engagements to yield better sales returns.

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