Maximize your marketing in 15 minutes

10 Tips to Maximize Your Marketing in 15 Minutes

September 27, 2022CategoriesTags

We all have that moment when we have enough time we don't know how to maximize our business marketing. So we often use our extra time to socialize on our favorite social sites. Or, as a business owner, you find yourself stressed out from working on project after project and always needing social break time. 

So, whether you use your extra 15 minutes to grow your business presence or whatnot, we have created a list of things you can maximize your 15 minutes to grow your business:

Make a list of all your social media accounts, bringing more traffic.

Knowing what social media platform you are getting more traffic on is key to where you can intensify your marketing strategy. You must have this list to make it easier to assess your marketing performance. To make this list, go to Google Analytics and click this sequence: 

Acquisitions- All Traffic- Referrals

Google Analytics lets you see a list of social media sites generating the most traffic. Additionally, each site has a link to the actual posts that people clicked or reached your site.

Manage your Facebook Business Page's Top Posts

Go to your business page to find this information. Please search for the Insights option at the top of your fan page and click on it. Insights give you patterns that you can check for your auditing. For example, you'll see which types of content resonate with your fans and which articles generate the most engagement with your potential customers.

Check Your Twitter Account

If you have a Twitter account, you might want to check on the latest news and trends for your blog and marketing ideas. Or you check who your new followers are or if someone has shared your blog post on feeds. You can use your 15 minutes to hover over the profiles of your new followers and see their tweets and interests. The same goes for followers who share your posts. You can reply with a 'thank you comment and add a personal note to the user for sharing your content.

 Increase your Pinterest Network

Find new people and grow your Pinterest network. Run a search for new people on this social media platform and engage in their pins and boards to build connections. Navigating Pinterest is easy, and you won't have a hard time looking for people, Pins, and panels. Another thing about Pinterest is it's straightforward to find new content ideas, save them and categorize your saved. 

Create an Email List 

Email marketing has an email list to help you connect with prospective clients. We don't own and control our followers and audience on social media. Use your 15-minutes to invite people, reach out to or schedule a discovery call from your email list. 

Listen to Podcasts about Marketing!

A podcast is a rising marketing trend. The most creative marketing ideas emerge from the most unexpected platforms. Podcasts are a great way to learn about new concepts and how to apply them to your business.

Create Your Content Calendar

While you enjoy coffee during your 15-minute break, why not work on crafting a content calendar for your business? Content Calendar is an effective strategy to guide you on your content creation topics and posting schedules. Instead of feeling anxious about what to post next on your social media, a content calendar helps you organize your content. And yes, it can all be done within 15-minutes!

Ask for a Customer Review

As a business owner, you know how customer reviews are essential in attracting prospects to our business. So, use 15-minutes to communicate with your buyers and ask for a review of the product or service they received. And, don't forget to be humble and open-minded to the thoughts they will give, as they can use to improve your business.

Ask for a Referral

Your best clients are frequently your biggest fans. Inquire whether they believe your product or service may be of interest to someone they know and request a referral. It's incredible how much you can create new business simply because your current clients are giving referrals for your business. Of course, a referral happens when clients have the best or most positive experience with your business. So before you ask for a referral, you do a follow-up.

Do a follow-up on your previous and existing clients.

People change, and customers come and go for various reasons, but it's always worth checking in with former clients and new customers since you never know when it'll be an excellent time to work together again.

You can use these 15-minute tips and tricks to maximize your marketing. So instead of scrolling and gaining passive income, why not make the most of your free time to grow your business?

Get creative in your marketing and create the business you've always dreamed of! 
Schedule a call with us today, and let us help you turn your business dreams into a reality!

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