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The Top Content Marketing Tools for 2023

March 7, 2023CategoriesTags

Everyone is aware of how important a tool Google Analytics is. But unfortunately, only some companies have the resources to develop custom enterprise-level marketing tools. So what else will marketing teams need to make their content ideas come to life, then? 


To assist you in entering 2023 as an informed and ready content marketer, we've done some research for you. First, check out some of our top content marketing tools, then begin incorporating them into your plan.

1. Meltwater-Social Media Publishing and Analytics

Meltwater's Social Media Publishing solution makes community management and social media scheduling easier than Hootsuite. 

You can use Meltwater to plan, carry out, and track your campaigns. Meltwater is a hybrid editorial calendar/social media publisher.

  • Obtain team consensus on each workflow before implementing it. 
  • Get your audience involved. 
  • Before going live, get post ideas and optimization advice.

2. Meltwater - Competitive Analysis

Content creation is about giving your audience what they want or need while staying one step ahead of your competitors. By benchmarking your performance, you can obtain an advantage over your rivals with Meltwater's Competitive Analysis reports. 

Analyze your value delivery to your audience compared to your rivals. Then, to keep your edge, be the first to adopt market trends.

3. BuzzSumo - Get real-time insights

BuzzSumo is by no means a new tool, but it is still one of the best at identifying hot subjects. The software searches the web to find out what topics are trending and which material is doing well. Use this real-time information to help you produce original content that will be more likely to be seen.

4. Canva - Create custom visuals

Canva is a favorite among marketers who want amazing graphics but need access to designers. This diluted Photoshop substitute offers drag-and-drop editing capabilities and ready-to-use templates. Create unique images for blogs, social media posts, infographics, and other content in just a few minutes.

5. Trello - Keep track of your projects

Trello makes project management simple so that your content marketing teams are always on the same page. Moving Kanban boards and cards following project schedules, tasks, and team members is simple. Everyone can quickly determine their roles, what has been completed, and what has to be done.

6. GetResponse - Marketing automation

GetResponse is a robust yet user-friendly marketing automation tool that gives you the email department all to yourself. Make landing pages, follow-up emails, conversion funnels, and other things, then automate everything while maintaining contact with your clients. 

Keep an eye on your current marketing software and tools while you expand your content marketing arsenal. Tools that formerly had a purpose might no longer have one. Additionally, if new and improved tools are developed, adjusting your strategy to maximize your investment could be beneficial.


Tools for content marketing cannot take the place of a sound strategy. Nevertheless, they can assist in reducing the workload and guesswork involved. Therefore, we predict that content marketing tools will be more crucial than ever in 2023.

Handling your digital marketing needs may take time and effort. Seek a professional's help. Book your consultation with KLB Solutions LLC now!

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