Most popular types of content marketing

What Are the Most Popular Types of Content Marketing

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The main goal of any content marketing is to build trust with consumers by creating content that solves their problems and captures and sustains their attention.

In many cases, your content should not directly promote your brand. Instead, you should create content that offers value to readers — be it through solving an issue, providing education, or delivering entertainment. If executed well, your customers will become brand advocates for your business over time.

Most popular types of content marketing
What are the most popular types of content marketing

Most importantly, content marketing is a long-term endeavor. Some of the most successful brands had to create content for months or even years before they started to gain real traction.

As content marketing is a broad term that describes how businesses choose to connect to their audience

Social Media

Well-known social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Snapchat are excellent venues for brands to connect with their target audiences.

And with over 3.6 billion global social media users, businesses need to be consistently evolving and improving their social content to keep up with trends. Everything from photos to live videos to stories to written posts needs to be on-point.

The goal of social media is to build connections using social interaction by involving consumers in more informal communication with brands. Social media will be an excellent venue for your content marketing efforts if you can achieve this while remaining true to your brand personality and identity.


Scientists believe that the average person living today processes 74 GB of information daily — that's the equivalent of watching 16 movies. Of the data processed, 90% is visual because our brains prefer visual imagery to text like photos, graphics, and scenery.

Thus, presenting your content in a visual format is a great way to encourage consumers to connect with your brand.

As a general rule, infographics are visual presentations of knowledge to deliver your content in a concise, visually-pleasing format. The graphics used help readers understand complicated processes and, by interestingly displaying information, you're able to attract and sustain users' attention.

Since our brains capture and process visuals and images more quickly than text, infographics are an effective way to educate consumers and build brand awareness.

According to Pearson, "65% of buyers are visual learners — meaning they absorb the most information when they look at an image, graphic, or video". That being said, infographics are "30 times more likely to be read in their entirety than blog posts or news articles", making them an effective tool in a good brand manager's arsenal.


Blogs are a powerful venue for sharing content, as they allow for both purpose and topic creativity. With entries laid out in chronological order, blogs are helpful for online reflective learning. They also allow us to broadcast our content to a broader audience.

Blogs allow you to promote other internal and external blog articles through links and social share buttons, making it possible to educate and inform consumers about your company's activities. Additionally, blogs have no time limitations — it belongs to you, and you're not obliged to post according to anyone else's rules.

Your blog posts can earn you an impressive number of website visitors through frequent content refreshes, SEO optimization, and social media sharing. However, the key to success is to create content based on user intent and at what point they are in your sales funnel.


A podcast itself is made up of a series of episodes. The average episode lasts from 10 minutes to more than two hours — depending on the topic and speaker's format. Though many people prefer to release new episodes weekly, others release daily or monthly.

Ideally, a podcast should entertain as well as educate. Therefore, hosts should aim to engage their audience by adding humor and enthusiasm even when discussing serious topics.

A great podcast feature? Audience members who subscribe to your podcast are notified when new episodes come out. Straightforward and relatively inexpensive to produce, podcasts are an excellent option for content marketers who want to reach wider audiences.

Additionally, podcasts allow for independence and flexibility since you can choose the topic, guests, and the number of episodes to record.

Video Content

Video content marketing is an excellent choice for those who wants to build and engage with a less interested community in reading blog posts or website copy.

Wyzowl's research found that 69% of consumers prefer learning about a brand's product or service through video format. Therefore, it makes sense that video marketing boosts conversions, improves ROI, and helps foster a relationship with target audiences.

Additionally, video is great for thoroughly explaining complex processes, allowing for a more comprehensive array of potential customers to become familiar with your brand.

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