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The 4 Guidelines of Website Accessibility

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The 4 Guidelines of Website Accessibility

When discussing websites, common initial thoughts would be the design and everything visuals. Web accessibility is something many users think the least, but it affects almost all of us in a way. We can associate web accessibility with having empathy for other users and thinking of how they can use the internet in the easiest way possible.

In this article, we will share our guide about everything you need to know to create web accessibility.

Web Accessibility: What is it?

It is the practice of making websites easy to navigate and usable to all users. This includes users with impairments and limitations. It also involves following design principles to ensure that people experience the same level of engagement and navigation. 

Web accessibility is essential for any website as it provides equal access to all users.

What can Businesses gain from Website Accessibility?

A business will fail to compete with others if it fails to follow website accessibility requirements. If not given access, customers with limitations can abandon the Website, leading to customer decline. Customers will purchase products and services from companies that allow them to have an easy navigation experience. 

Therefore, having accessible website guidelines can surely make you retain customers. And here are our four website accessibility guidelines you should not miss!

Your Website Should be Perceivable

Visitors to your Website always look for clear and understandable information. Therefore, the content you put on your Website should be something that customers can fully grasp information. 

A good example can be online application forms. Once the user opens the state, a field appears in front of them. If the text or labels aren't readable, then most likely, it's difficult for them to comprehend that field.

It Should Be Operational

This guideline emphasized the user's efficiency in using different controls, buttons, and other interactive features. For many website users, this means accessing web material by voice commands or navigating a web page via a keyboard.

Functional websites allow the audience a smooth and straightforward experience without dealing with unnecessary features that block users with limitations.

Understandability and Readability

Readability is a website's easy-to-understand website content and message. It is usually affected by the languages used by the web copy, content and presentation of the graphic elements, and the overall display and format of the Website.

Understandability and readability are essential guidelines in website accessibility as it caters to users with limitations.

Your website needs to be Robust.

A robust website means being responsive and should relate to more technical aspects of website accessibility. This indicates how well your website code works with software and hardware tools that people with limitations use when browsing the internet.

6 Ways to Establish Website Accessibility

  • Evaluate your Website's current state- examine all documents, content, and pages
  • Identify areas to improve- determine which site needs improvement and eliminate habits that block your web accessibility
  • Review Content Distribution - and evaluate which size in accessibility measures you have employed.
  • Develop a strategy - to ensure your optimal practices are followed for all your digital projects.
  • Redesign your company's standards, update procedures and processes, and even your policies.
  • Set aside a budget- to implement your plan and provide personnel training and workshops.


Developing an accessible website for your business suggests solving your accessibility challenges with innovation and redefining new product or service development. In addition, making your website more approachable and friendly for persons with limitations will help your Website reach a larger audience group.

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