6 In-Demand Skills to Consider When Hiring a Remote Administrator

July 6, 2022


The growing technology, strategy, and business demands have led to the virtual avenues that significantly expanded the market. With this evolution, there is a rise in the competitive skills landscape in the freelancing business. Remote administrators understand that to sustain excellence in the quality of service they provide, honing their skills is essential as the right skill set can deliver job excellence.


As business owners, we know you want to hire additional support for your business. And when hiring, the skillset is the first thing you will look into in the applicants. In this blog, we provide a list of essential skills business owners may look and consider when hiring a remote administrator.

Content Repurposing

This skill is one of the most in-demand services since it opens areas for creativity and resourcefulness. Content repurposing is creating a new marketing goal and reaching new potential clients by altering the content from its original form but retaining the message and core ideas.  

Examples of content repurposing can be:

  • creating a blog post based on a video you did/posted
  • Creating social media posts based on previous content your client created for re-use
  • Creating transcript of podcast or TikTok reels 

This skill can open a variety of ideas, which your business can share online, with just one content. You can just imagine how much time you can save instead of creating new content!

Content Marketing and Social Media Support

Social Media Marketing is a vast virtual space that can be very time-consuming for you. As a business owner, you need someone who can work on the complicated tasks for your business to continue to grow. As a business owner who thinks of hiring a remote administrator, content marketing and social media support should be one of the skills you should look for. Specific skills for content marketing and social media support include writing skills for your blogs, supply or proofreading content, basic layout and content designing, and most importantly technical knowledge in managing social media accounts for scheduled posting. 

Customer Relations

As remote administrators keep clients’ interests through social media, having a remote administrator that can determine and handle your customers’ demands is an integral part of business growth. Customer Relations skills also include the ability to pitch potential clients and convert them to buy or avail of your business services.  To hire someone who has the skills to attain customers’ requests and feedback is such a win! 

 Online Research and Search Engine Optimization

Doing competition research, content research, SEO searches and creating comprehensive data reports can be tasked to remote administrators. These tasks are important to business as it helps owners improve their marketing strategies. Undeniably, content is very important in every business. Whatever clients see on your pages will direct how they feel and engage in your business. A remote administrator who can deliver these tasks will essentially help your business in creating more effective marketing outputs and strategies and improve business sales. 

Researching and SEO skills are essential when hiring a remote administrator since it expands your website traffic which can lead to attracting more clients. 

Brand Designing

The business has always been running in a competitive nature. To help you stand out among your market competitors, your branding should do the work. Branding is not just the business signature, more than the impression and logo. Branding is about how it has made a connection with the audience and if the associated image and business image lasts long after clients have seen it. Brand designing is a critical skill. It will speak so much for your business and the rapport you will build with your audience. A remote administrator with skills in designing- even basic- is a good element when considering hiring a remote  assistant.

Critical Thinking

Despite the evolution of businesses and the workplace, critical thinking is a skill that has remained constant. Building a business is never a straight-line graph. Your business will face setbacks and challenges along the way. As a business owner, you will always aim for a way up, and you need not just strategize your business but to strategize it critically as well. Hiring a remote administrator that can think critically and effectively despite the pressure and stress can be a valuable addition to your business manpower asset. 


You may have noticed, that the list we provided is just some skills that are increasing in demand in the virtual industry. As a business owner or entrepreneur, having to add support for your business operations is essential to increase your productivity. The skills do not need to be a separate job for each skill, and as business owners, we know you’d like to hire someone that can do it all. 

Here in KLB, we provide a team of experts in various business tasks to help you with your business operations and productivity. You don’t have to hire individuals for a separate jobs for your business. Let our team help you turn your business goals into a reality.

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