Understanding search intent

Search Intent: The Understanding of How People Search

November 9, 2022CategoriesTags

Publishing a lot of content on your website will likely rank for critical keywords. However, it would help if you considered the intent to optimize your content, acquire high-converting traffic, and keep visitors returning to your site.  It is critical to understand search intent. Why are people searching? What do they want to accomplish? And what are their plans for finding out what they're looking for? When it comes down to SEO keywords, all of these questions are important.

Here's an explanation of how search intent functions and how to utilize it to adapt your content marketing approach. Read on to learn more!

Recognizing search intent 

Conversion, rankings, search volume and SEO are all about data that search intent might be disregarded. In our continual chase of analytics, we frequently dismiss terms with low search traffic without considering the user's purpose. 

On the other hand, choosing terms with the most significant search volumes does not necessarily provide value unless the material is relevant and beneficial to the person searching for it.

In this regard, a phrase's purpose is far more essential than its search volume. By analyzing and tapping into search intent, it is feasible to contact the correct people at every point of the marketing funnel.

Four Kinds of Search Intent 

Before optimizing with intent, you must first understand what motivates consumers to seek items online. Research by the University of Hong Kong in 2006 revealed that there were two distinct sorts of search engine users. 

The first person is someone seeking highly detailed information about a term. The other type is looking for more broad information and related themes. 

In simple terms, the first individual is interested in purchasing, downloading, joining up, or converting, while the second is not.

When considering what individuals put into a search engine, there are four basic categories of purpose. These are, according to Moz: 

  • Intent to provide information ("how to cook an egg" or "what is the keto diet?") 
  • Preference/commercial research (e.g., "best website hosting service" or "EE vs. Vodafone") 
  • Transactional purpose ("purchase of a Gucci belt" or "sell a Nike Air Force 1"). 
  • Intentional navigation ("Spotify login," "ASOS," or "Zara")

You may align your content to satisfy their requirements, answer their queries, and drive them to the correct information/product page by evaluating what consumers want from their searches.

Deduce the Intent 

Understanding search intent is critical before optimizing your content. Using precise adjectives in your targeted keywords is one of the most excellent methods. For informal purposes, for instance, you may filter by terms appearing in knowledge panels, related queries, and highlighted snippets. 

You may also look into the SERPs. By conducting some studies, you may find out what results in Google considers the most relevant.


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