How Remote Administrators are Shaping the Business Trends

June 27, 2022



1.Digital marketing

2. Cost-Effective of RemoteAssistance

3. Artificial Intelligence Assistants vs. Real Life (Humans) Remote Administrator

3.1 Artificial Intelligence (AI)

3.2 Real Life Remote Administrators

4. Outsourcing Remote Assistants from Companies

The business sector is uncertain as ever. With the effects of the Covid pandemic, landscapes in businesses are beginning to reshape. Industries are compelled to catch up with the limitations brought by the ‘new normal’ to ensure continuity of their operations. 

One of the most noticeable trends in the business is deliberate multitasking. With this demand, many employers resort to outsourcing remote assistants. Remote administrators are gaining demand because of the many benefits businesses get compared to hiring full-time workers. Statistics can be difficult to verify the numbers of remote assistants, due to complex set-ups, but the expansion of online industries can tell us so much about this rising demands. 

Here are the top 4 trends in remote administration, that KLB Solutions has researched, to help your business gear up this year: 

1. Digital marketing 

Remote assistance work relies heavily on digital activities. Digital Marketing is a prominent and fast-growing industry that demands adjustments and business innovations. Because businesses understood that being in the digital space is the best place to market or track products and services, it is not a surprise that the trends in search engines in this industry are increasing and identical each year. 

One can easily watch video tutorials online and adopt skills for the industry. However, immersing in the essential digital marketing skills from a team or individuals with an actual background in the industry is ideal. If you are aspiring to become a remote administrator, enrolling in competent digital marketing courses can equip you in your entry into the digital marketing career.

2. Cost-Effective of Remote Assistance

If there’s one, undeniable great value of remote assistants, that is the ‘Savings’ they offer to business owners and entrepreneurs in case of time and cash flow. 

Remote Assistants are individuals who provide support to businesses remotely. There are various tasks offered for remote assistants such as back-end tasks, digital marketing, and commonly, project management. Their salary can typically be between $15-$75 per hour depending on their skill set, location, and experience level.

Remote Administrators are cost-effective because they can save from recruitment operation costs, workspace rentals, internet, communication resources, office equipment, etc. Job descriptions of remote assistance also vary from part-time to full-time, which doesn’t require a business to invest much in hiring processes. An article from estimates that business saves up to 78% in operating costs per year. This number can be true given the work set-up of remote administrators and the non-requirement for employers to provide mandatory benefits. 

Chart from: MyCrowd QA

3. Artificial Intelligence Assistants vs. Real Life (Humans) Remote Administrator

Let’s face it. Artificial Intelligence has now emerged as a part of daily jobs for individuals– whether it's a personal activity or work-related. Over the years, it has proven to help perform different components of individual and business tasks. Let’s take a look at how Artificial Intelligence and Real Life Administrators shape current business trends.

3.1 Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Apple was the first one to introduce Siri– an AI-built on apple products that respond to users’ questions and provides relevant information. Today, Apple competitors have leveled up and introduced other versions of ‘AI Assistants’ like the ‘Alexa’ from Amazon and ‘Cortona’ for Microsoft.

These AIs are cloud-based and require internet to operate. Powered by their data-driven logistics, the AI programming uses algorithms to process data, predict users’ activity and then interact with people. In the current digital landscape, AI assistants can provide users with daily tasks such as:

  • Adding tasks to calendars
  • Outsource, trim down and provide relevant information from the internet 
  • Controlling various smart devices at home such as cameras, lights, speakers, and thermostats. 

3.2 Real Life Remote Administrators

Remote administrators are the people who do the day-to-day tasks. They are commonly home-based that effectively help different businesses. Compared to AIs, Remote Administrators do not just help people run daily tasks but more importantly improve daily lives– where business owners and entrepreneurs lived stress-free and less pressured lives.

While AIs are programmed to do technical and specific tasks, Remote Administrators can work on diverse jobs and can bring fresh innovations to their employers. The diversity, accuracy, and flexibility of remote assistants are what draw businesses to hire them. They can be experts in essential fields such as content marketing and other digital tools. Aside from skillset, remote administrators also exhibit strong workplace values that allow them to adapt to challenges. 

4. Outsourcing Remote Assistants from Companies

When considering to hire remote administrators, there can be a pool of candidates on the web that can confuse and stress in choosing the right one. As marketers, familiarizing yourself with various company that offers remote assistance can help you to start your stress-free business journey. Getting your remote administrators from an established and proven outsourcing assistance company is best to ensure that you only work with the most competent and professional remote assistants. 

Here in KLB Solutions, we have a team of experts that delivers proven results your business needs. We can give you strategy call to get all your remote administrator facts to help you acquire your perfect remote assistance. To know more about the details of our team, you can click here and schedule a call with us. 

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