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Hire a Remote Administrative Assistant for your Business

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You can hire a remote administrative assistant to work a set number of hours each week or month or for the length of a specific project and help with almost any task, from setting up your office furniture to answering emails and even prospecting for your pipeline.

Remote Admin can help with administrative tasks, like data entry, that consume valuable time you or your full-time staff can spend on higher-value tasks. You can also hire a remote administrator for more technical projects, such as design work or tax help, where a full-time hire is optional.

However, whether you are starting or growing your business, knowing which assignments to hand over to your Remote Admin can take time and effort.

Here are the ten tasks you can entrust to a Remote Administrator:

1. Personal Tasks 

Remote Admin can keep you organized by managing your calendar and schedule, organizing the meetings with your team, taking care of your email, and simply helping you with your to-do list. It can also make a reservation to your favorite restaurant, book dentist or doctor appointments, arrange your travels, book flight tickets or even send thank you notes to your partners or family members.

2. Administrative Work

Remote Admin can help you to follow up with your deadlines, utilize your email, and schedule appointments with your clients. Also, they can plan and coordinate upcoming events or staff meetings, send invitations, manage customer relations and incoming inquiries, prepare confirmation emails and send invoices for your customers, update and enter information in your database, and edit and proofread the text as well as they may keep track of your stock and order the supplies.

3. Tracking Your Accounts and Bills

Keeping track of your accounts and bills can be one of the easiest things to assign to a Remote Admin. And can prepare financial statements and management reports and respond to inquiries to credit institutions and local tax authorities. 

Moreover, they may help you with salary calculations, provide payslips to the employees, prepare end-of-the-year reports and payments, manage bank account operations, enter credit card transactions, and prepare and send outgoing invoices. And indeed, balance your books and provide end-of-month reports.

4. Marketing & Social Media

Remote Admin can help you design a digital marketing campaign, research where your potential clients gather online, provide online marketing analytics and find industry-related social groups you can join. 

It can also help you to create email marketing campaigns and newsletters, increase your followers on social media, write and schedule your tweets, and post on social platforms. They also can assist in managing SEO-friendly websites. In addition, the remote admin will send invitations to upcoming events, help market the specific project, promote your business in the press, and create a customer feedback form.

5. Research Your Business

Remote Admin can help you to research your competitors and vendors, investigate the potential customers and business opportunities, prepare reports about the target industry and existing market, find new products and services, investigate the specific topic, compile market data and find statistics, update you about changes in the industry, but also help you to locate business contacts and get in touch with the right people.

6. Customer Service

Remote Admin can help you to manage customer relations and deal with incoming inquiries, respond to phone calls and emails, provide technical support and live chat services, maintain the information on your website, and monitor user conversation on different social platforms. In addition, they will help you grow your social network and increase your followers on social media, engage with your customers and followers, and create, manage and schedule your advertising material and newsletters.

7. Content Writer

Remote Admin can be an essential tool in helping you to get your message out there by assisting you in creating blog posts, articles, newsletters, and posts on social media. In addition, remote Admin can proofread your website to ensure that it is SEO friendly, transcribe the information, design marketing email templates, write guides and instructions for your product or service, or edit and format documents, formal letters, invitations, and presentations.

8. Web Design, Development & Maintenance

Some remote admins, skilled in various programming coding, can build, design, or maintain a professional website. Remote Admin can edit and upload new information to your website, make simple text changes, add new products and services, or announce upcoming events or promotions. VA can also help you to promote your website, find the right keywords, and optimize the information on your website to improve search engine traffic.

9. Remote Administrative Assistant Can Help You With Sales

They will locate business contacts and find people, make calls to your leads, research new potential markets and prospects, make telemarketing calls, prepare promotional material, contracts, and individual proposals, input order information to your database, prepare and send invoices, and, finally, deal with sales administration.

10. One-time Project

You can always use a remote administrator service to help you finish the one-time project, so you can step up with your work and achieve the desired progress in your business. For example, it can help you market a specific project, investigate a particular niche, create or proofread the content, prepare a PowerPoint presentation, research competitors or vendors, etc.

Key to Achieve Work-Life Balance

Ultimately, hiring a remote administrator helps you to free up your time for more critical tasks and gives you the flexibility most business owners crave. 

Hiring a remote admin lets you focus on the things that matter most—visit KLB Solutions and hire a qualified team member to manage your tasks!

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