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The saying "content is king" is one you've probably heard before. That's because the contents are the lifeblood of every organization, whether you're an experienced leader or just starting. 

There are times, though, when your content is no longer meeting your users' demands because it has grown stale or obsolete. You can use a content refresh in this situation. 

Additionally, we'll discuss the significance of it, how to update your outdated material and the most effective techniques for improving your copy for SEO

What Is A Content Refresh? 

A content refresh, commonly referred to as a "copy refresh," is a comprehensive updating of the existing content on your website to increase its visibility in search engine result pages (SERPs) and draw in more organic traffic. 

It may be as straightforward as adding new quotes from industry experts to an already published piece, or it might be as involved as changing the article's point of view or turning it into an audio, video, or ebook presentation. 

Refreshing a copy doesn't mean starting over from scratch. For example, consider this: You repaint your walls instead of tearing them down when they start to flake. 

Similarly, you update and upgrade your material as it becomes obsolete and ineffective. By doing this, you can efficiently build the value of your website while ensuring that each article a reader encounters is engaging, well-written, and relevant. 

Why Is It Crucial To Refresh Contents? 

A copy refresh is necessary to ensure that your website accurately reflects your current offerings and company information. 

The Following Are Some Advantages Of A Content Refresh For Your Company: 

  • Improve search engine rankings

One of the best ways to counteract the effects of constantly changing search engine algorithms is to copy refresh. 

You can boost website traffic and performance by upgrading your existing contents rather than creating new content. 

  • Increase conversion rates 

Since content refresh can increase traffic, it also can do so. More traffic frequently translates into greater conversion chances. 

  • Establish your organization as a trusted source and an industry leader by having relevant, pertinent sites with helpful contents. 
  • It saves time and money.

Because most of the text has already been written, updating current contents are more efficient than creating new content. 

Additionally, it is crucial to maintain the freshness of the information on your website because it performs various functions for your company, including informing visitors about your mission and objectives and motivating them to take action. 

The Six Best Methods For Updating Contents 

It's time to start updating your outdated material now that you understand what a content refresh is and how useful it can be to your marketing initiatives. 

Here are six quick methods for updating copies: 

1. Create A Content Update Schedule 

The same calendar you could use to bring out new material can also update existing contents. Choose the copy you want to change, and schedule when and how to publish the updates. Consider the launch date for the updated pages as well as any fresh contents you wish to create at the same time. 

2. Evaluate Your Present Market And Target Keywords 

Some market personas require a change in vocabulary or other considerations not mentioned in the initial persona profile when evaluating older contents. Additionally, you might discover that older contents needs to be keyword-targeted. 

If your target keywords or audience have changed, adjust your content to reflect that. Look for areas that once contained advice that is now outdated or useless, and update those sections to reflect the most current best practices. 

3. Refresh Your References 

Typos, broken links, and content that is more than ten years old are some of the most apparent indicators of stale material. Therefore, you should always look for the most recent statistics available and use those instead if you're using them. 

The same applies to links; if you've lately written something more interesting, point your readers there. 

4. Update The Look 

Nowadays, web design is frequently simple and aesthetically pleasing. However, if the format and presentation of the material need to be updated, a visitor may quit your website before reading a single word. 

Users also desire a dynamic and visually appealing experience, so remember to include media like films and photographs and interactive elements like social media share buttons. 

5. Check To See If It Is Mobile-Friendly

Internet use on mobile devices has overtaken that on desktops. No matter how carefully you've optimized your website for mobile use, some content may still need to display correctly. 

Instead of placing your photographs on the right or left, try placing them in the middle. Additionally, ensure the buttons are big enough for those with large hands to operate. Finally, make sure the paragraphs are concise and contain no more than three lines apiece. 

6. Update The Copy

In content that includes a date, such as a blog post, you should add an "editor's note" noting that the piece was updated from an earlier entry to reassure your readers that the information they are reading is current. Of course, if your work is a timeless duplicate, you could completely omit the date. 


A project to update content should be seen as an opportunity to meet search intent better and offer the most thorough response to that query. Therefore, allowing enough time to give the content updating process the best chance to succeed is vital. 

Minor revisions, such as adding a few hundred words to an existing subheading, will provide different results. However, the entire process allows you to rank for more keywords, improve current SERP ranks, and increase traffic and backlinks to your content, as described in the sections above. 

Is there no progress being made on your website? Reach out to KLB Solutions for advice on best practices for updating the content on your website to support the success of your digital marketing campaigns.

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