How to Reach Gen Z: Tips and Tricks to Market with them

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As marketers, what do you think you should do to ensure your business survives in the digital market?

Marketers know that today's customer demographics greatly encompass the younger generation. When we think about how to figure out millennials buying persona, a new era with complex consumption behavior comes in. Gen Z, or typically generation z, are the customers every business should look out for.

Gen Z is a generation raised entirely on technology exposure, with an estimate of 40% of internet and social media users belonging to this generation. No wonder many companies fail to actively engage with this powerful user demographic in their marketing strategies. Perhaps it is because marketing with this new generation is not easy. You need to flip the coin and think of a different way of strategizing your marketing approach. 

But worry not. Not all hopes are lost. The significant advantage in dealing with this generation is that they are all online, which means it would be easier for businesses to track and assess their purchasing patterns and determine how to reach Gen z with your marketing best.

Use Video Contents 

With a short attention span concern, there's no better way of capturing the attention of this generation aside from video content. Video content has gotten this generation's interest and even made them participate in creating content for themselves. The rise of TikTok, for example, significantly impacts how businesses approach their marketing. Using video content has allowed companies to get more audiences, shares, and reactions from customers. Aside from that, it also opened marketing opportunities for them by enabling customers to make their brand's promotional content more interactive, fun, personalized and less effort for businesses– which is a good thing!

Sell the Benefits

This generation is familiar with the traditional selling of products and can quickly identify an inauthentic brand and if brands are doing 'hard selling' of its product and services. This generation's demographic is that they are very curious. They already know you are selling something, but they are more interested in what benefits they can get from your offers. They seek understanding and authentic experience of your product or service. In response to this curiosity, they react well to the contents that are experiential and provide value. 

Capture their attention with Creativity and Offer Engaging Contents

Social media is the leading platform where Gen Z entertains and keep themselves informed. They are not a demographic that passively waits for content but are active participants, emphasizing social media reactions and likes. If your brand seeks to engage with Gen Z, you must ensure that the content you produce has interactivity, personalized, and creative elements. Such content includes quizzes, surveys, games, contests, videos, or posts about your product.

Respond Immediately.

Generation Z is not a patient generation. It seeks instant responses to inquiries, feedback, and comments and associates response rates with how businesses value their customers. It has made it their barometer in having a sense of importance. Having negative feedback plays a crucial part in a business name. That's why brands need to put extra effort and time into responding to any of these generations' complaints, as they can easily be spread through social media.

Carefully Choose your Affiliate Influencer

Gen Z is accustomed to being advertised to their favorite influencers on Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, or YouTubers. And this generation heavily relies on their purchasing decision through influencers' reviews and recommendations. Since they are active on social media platforms, influencers have become their standard in purchasing decisions. As described, this generation can identify inauthenticity in content and character overall. So as marketers, carefully choose your influencer who can resonate with your customers' values and interests and can speak for their needs. 

Micro-influencers, for example, are a great way to positively engage with Gen Z because of the actual content this generation sees. The less curated and scripted content, the more engaged Gen Z is with your content. 


Younger audiences, just like Gen Z's, are stereotyped as having a short attention span, multi-tasking across many gadget displays, and desiring to make a difference in the world - yet they are not uniform. So when your marketing adequately caters to this generation's preference, it can boost your business revenue. 

Keeping these five suggestions in mind can help you reach Gen Z with your marketing efforts. 
If you need help implementing your marketing strategies, contact our experts right now to obtain the most up-to-date guidance on how to reach your target customers. You can also learn more about how to keep your business relevant by visiting our website and reading helpful articles for your business needs!

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