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Pros and Cons of Using Coupons for Your Business

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Coupons can attract new clients to your business, increase interaction with current ones, and increase revenue. 

Physical vouchers can be provided in your store, and digital coupons can be made available through social media campaigns and marketing messaging on a company website. 

According to estimates, 46% of consumers claimed they would alter their intended purchase, while 60% of consumers are inclined to try a new product due to a coupon. 

Couples can be a successful approach to increase sales, no matter if a coupon is intended to persuade a buyer to visit a physical store or a firm website. Nevertheless, even if they can result in a lesser profit per transaction, despite generating additional money, it's crucial to have a strategy when offering discounts to your clients.

Benefits of Coupon Use in Business 

One benefit of giving out coupons is that it attracts new customers to your business or website. And to make room for more latest products, vouchers can be used to launch new product lines and assist in selling surplus or undesirable stock. Coupons can be carefully utilized to entice clients to purchase a new, more lucrative product, helping to increase your profit margin. Additionally, coupons can foster loyalty with current consumers by using the discount as a perk to encourage them to keep purchasing from your store. 

Email List Marketing 

In the modern digital environment, using coupons to create a social media marketing (SMM) plan is one approach to make the most of their benefits. For instance, buyers could be urged to submit their email addresses before obtaining a deal. 

Building an email marketing base over time can help create a long-term marketing plan that can be utilized to promote new products, drive repeat purchases, and execute other marketing activities. For example, to operate your coupon at the register, you'll need to get their name and email address if it isn't an online coupon. 

Pages on Social Media 

Coupons can also be posted on social networking platforms like Meta (META), formerly Facebook. For example, you can post deals and coupons on your Facebook company page. Customers can use the coupon online or in-store. Additionally, a coupon's expiration date can be set to instill a feeling of urgency in potential and current customers, encouraging them to use the offer to purchase your goods. 

You can interact with your customers and advertise events and items on your business page. You can forge stronger bonds with returning clients and gain a deeper comprehension of their needs by constantly communicating with them, providing discounts, or sharing news. According to estimates, 55% of customers claimed that stores and their brands are more favorably seen when given coupons and deals. 

The Drawbacks of Coupon Use in Business 

The major drawback of employing coupons is that they are expensive for your business. Therefore, any discount you give will result in you keeping less money. The goal is to determine whether that discount will affect your profit margin by bringing in new consumers or luring back existing customers who may have left to look for other deals. A method to determine whether or not a coupon discount is worthwhile for your business was devised by Jay Goltz and published in The New York Times column, "Doing the Math on a Groupon Deal." 

Utilizes Already Existing Revenue 

Even your regular clients may develop the habit of waiting for coupons, which cannibalizes sales already made before the discount program was implemented. Therefore, it could be better if you thought about when and how to distribute those vouchers to prevent affecting your current clientele.  

Lower Profit 

Coupons may cause a reduction in profit on the product or products covered by the coupon campaign, but the price of making the product will remain the same. Because of this, it's crucial to consider the value of a coupon promotion for the company and whether the discount will generate enough new sales income in the long run to cover the campaign's expenses. 

Particular Considerations 

Consider how you want to employ a coupon strategy to boost your bottom line when developing one. For instance: 

  • When a coupon attracts customers to your business, they may purchase other non-discounted items—a frequent tactic employed by grocery merchants. 
  • The voucher may expose potential customers to your store, paving the way for continued engagement via email or social media. 
  • Customers who last came in a while ago can be enticed to return by the coupon. Using a decent marketing database, you may send a voucher to clients who last came in 60 days or longer. 

Where Are Coupons Available? 

Paper coupons are regularly given out in the mail or through coupon catalogs, and many companies distribute coupons with each purchase to encourage repeat business. Additionally, many online merchants offer discounts to entice potential customers to follow them on social media. 

How Are Online Coupon Codes Created? 

The ability to create and use coupons is often incorporated into online shops. One of the most widely used web systems for online purchasing, Square, for instance, includes a straightforward interface for managing promo codes. Different processes can apply to other platforms. 

How Are Online Coupon Codes Found? 

RetailsMeNot, Slickdeals, and DealsPlus are just a few websites that collect coupons from various merchants. These websites collaborate with merchants to provide vouchers, enabling the company to get new clients and the consumer to find better prices. Additionally, there are browser add-ons like Wikibuy and Honey that can look for discounts at the time of purchase. 


Coupons can attract customers to your store and aid in the development of a discount marketing strategy to raise your average sales per customer or long-term repeat business. Coupons also draw customers to your more lucrative goods and services. The new revenue from a coupon campaign must be compared against the costs of the discount or the reduced profit per product from both new and existing customers. 

Contact the team of experts at KLB Solutions to learn more about the many sorts of marketing strategies.

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