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Selected Works

Here at KLB Solutions, we are results oriented. Take a quick look at some of our successful clients who trusted us and our robust digital marketing solutions.
Training And Fitness

Anvil Training Center

The Anvil Training Center promotes personal improvement. It is dedicated to the development of character and critical thinking like physical and technical skills. This center offers Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Muay Thai Kickboxing, Boxing, and formal Mixed Martial Arts classes at ideal rates.
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Kauai Aloha Massage

Kauai Aloha Massage is a local spa based in Waimea, right across from the historic Waimea Theatre and right next to Umi’s Store. It is best known for its various massage offers that are widely-known and practiced in Hawaiian culture.
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Umi's Farm

Umi's Farm is the the largest high production mango orchard in Hawaii.  Umi adapts ideas from all over the world to incorporate into his farm.
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Online Directory


Tombarefoot.com is an online directory with over 10,000 pages. It is a massive amount of content and a great example of organic SEO as a primary means of client aquisition.
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Online Directory

Hawaii Local Food

Hawaii Local Food focuses on all the food (fishes, poultry, hog, fruits, vegetables, plants, etc.) that most locals love. Their mission is to connect locals to fresh and affordable food.
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Accounting And Bookkeeping

Sunshine Consulting & Bookkeeping Service

Sunshine Consulting & Bookkeeping Service is a full-service bookkeeping company operating from Maui, Hawaii. It specializes in providing professional business support for small business owners while keeping a close eye on their finances. With Sunshine Consulting, businesses can grow without having the burden of monitoring their budget and finances.
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