Top 5 platforms to validate your content and get more sales

Top 5 Platforms to Validate Your Content and Get More Sales

September 23, 2022CategoriesTags

Whether running a brick-and-mortar business or an e-commerce shop, getting the word about your products is essential. Of course, having more people buying from you is always great, but getting all your customers to comment on your sales pitches, offer their feedback in one place, and help you reach out to new customers can be challenging.

This post will provide the top 6 platforms to validate your content, boost visibility and conversions, and drive sales from day one. 


Pinterest is a very effective tool for generating traffic and leads. It's a platform where people can find fantastic visual ideas and solutions to their problems. Including Pinterest in your marketing approach will help your business attract new viewers, features a diverse selection of companies and brands that use it to promote their products, and connect with other Pinterest users and potential buyers.

Undoubtedly, Pinterest helps you build brand awareness, generate website traffic, and advertise your products and services. It's a simple approach to promoting your company's offerings and getting more clients. 


Who doesn't use Google nowadays? We bet everyone uses Google. Google is the only place that never gets tired of answering user questions. In recent years, the marketing landscape has evolved tremendously, and Google Ads is one of the platforms fueling this development. 

Google Ads lets companies reach everyone searching for information, goods, or services on Google. When utilized correctly, Google can deliver many visitors looking for precisely what you have to offer. However, if you are not using your Google Ads account to its maximum potential, you should consider utilizing this platform carefully.

Facebook Groups

Facebook Groups are an excellent strategy to find, interact with, and build relationships with your potential clientele. Facebook groups are online communities of people with the same business niche who get together and have similar interests. 

Facebook groups are excellent for acquiring consumers, networking with other online business owners, learning from their excellent instructional articles and videos, and expanding your email list!

Interestingly, regularly engaging in Facebook groups may quickly establish you and your company as the go-to expert in your field and help you build solid long-term connections that result in leads and clients.

Answer the Public is an SEO tool that allows users to see what consumers want on the internet. The most vital feature of this marketing tool is that it displays the results in a visual format known as a search cloud. Marketers may access search cloud results grouped into categories matching the 5Ws and the 'can,' 'are,' 'how,' and 'will' queries.

Answer the Public

This program will teach you how to do keyword research, determine what potential buyers are searching for online, and then utilize tools like SEMrush to choose specific keywords. This will assist users in creating content that will enhance sales conversions.

Direct Message Conversations

Nothing beats having honest conversations with potential clients or your target audience. DM conversations allow you to ask questions, clarify your client's needs and wants and build relations with them in the long run. 

Well, reviews, postings, likes, shares, and other forms of engagement are essential for your business's social media presence, but not every activity needs to be visible. This is when direct texting comes in handy. 

In today's digital era, networking is unquestionably a thing. We've all had the desire to connect with the appropriate people! Direct messaging allows people to communicate with others in ways they could never have before. That degree of "reach" is impressive!

Direct messages (DM) on social media allow you to interact with the appropriate individuals and locate your ideal consumers! You may not know these folks in person, but it is ideally suited to "meet" them online!


Now that you know where to post and validate your content for better sales, you may start turning your business to the next level and applying your content to these platforms. It is past time for business owners and marketers like you to take an interest and refocus your marketing seriously, and you now have the means to do it!

What are some of the most effective platforms you've seen? Then, do share your opinions in the comments section below!
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