Paid Traffic vs. Organic Traffic: Which is Better for Your Site?

November 11, 2022CategoriesTags

Paid traffic vs. organic traffic. Creating hands-on experiences for clients appears to go against the grain in the digital era. However, since more and more business is conducted online, experiential marketing is becoming increasingly crucial.

Here are a few of the primary advantages of this unique marketing method.

Paid traffic and organic traffic are both effective. 

It would not be acquiring such popularity if it did not. The simple reality is that experience marketing produces outcomes. 

According to an EventTrack poll, 74% of participants had a more favorable brand view after attending an event, and 65% purchased the product or service offered. As many as 70% of event attendees become repeat consumers, implying a high rate of return for organizations engaging in experiential marketing.

Paid traffic and organic traffic provides customers with a new method to interact with a brand. 

Experiential marketing creates genuine brand recognition by utilizing non-traditional marketing approaches. In essence, it is intriguing, which attracts attention and aids in the recall of the brand. 

Consumers are urged to learn about a company through their senses through experiences. These tactile encounters may help individuals build stronger relationships with items by allowing them to interact with a brand in a real way and form a favorable view of it.

It appeals to new media usage patterns. 

Social media has become a cornerstone in all types of marketing, but experiential marketing has elevated it to a new level of potency. Experiences capitalize on how people use social media by encouraging users to record and share visual information with their networks, increasing a campaign's reach. 

People's propensity to snap and publish images essentially gives marketers a chance to get free grassroots marketing while engaging customers.

It allows individuals to interact with a brand. 

People must interact with a brand before they can form favorable associations with it. Brand experiences are often enjoyable, one-of-a-kind, and unforgettable; they give individuals engaging encounters. 

Every engagement with a business builds or destroys loyalty, and experiential marketing allows a brand to portray its best side to consumers, developing bonds with them and fueling belief. 

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