Challenges in product marketing

Overcoming the Top 7 Challenges in Product Marketing

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An organization's marketing department must work diligently to keep its product and service offerings fresh and innovative. However, success is filled with unpredictable challenges that must be confounded. Whether your business size is and you are looking to grow your marketing presence—there can be many challenges standing in your way. These challenges are often not easy, and you may even make mistakes.

We have compiled a list of common challenges in product marketing that every business may face, things they need to overcome, and perhaps some tips for overcoming these challenges.

What is Product Marketing?

But before we give you our pulled-out research of the topic, it's essential to review and understand what product marketing is.

While the term seems self-explanatory, Product marketing is the act of introducing and bringing a new product into the market. This marketing involves product designing, messaging, launching and ensuring that salespeople understand the essence of the Product. 

Yet, with the rapid changes and demands in marketing nowadays, marketers find it hard to identify areas you need to improve to foster more substantial business growth. Because of that, it's essential to be familiar with these top challenges marketers have to navigate and cement their brand presence in the market.

Getting New Leads and Traffic

Customer referrals are an excellent source for getting new clients. It hasn't changed for many years and has become increasingly relevant. While it may sound like a no-brainer, more agencies are also shifting their focus and strategy to creating content and digital marketing to increase their customers.

Getting leads and traffic will likely be a big challenge for businesses because quality leads do not automatically equate to numbers. It would be best to have quality leads and traffic; it isn't easy. Especially with the growth in search and content marketing, many platforms continue to emerge and significantly impact consumers. 


  • Ace your content with a Digital Marketing approach. Create content and articles that compel audiences to read and be curious. 
  • Establish your credibility and authority by giving free courses, e-books and webinars.
  • Use Influencer marketing in your content strategy
  • Use Automation and CRM to better understand your prospects' sales journey and send personalized offers to guide them down the sales funnel.

Measuring ROI in your Marketing

To understand how effective your campaigns or contents are, measuring the ROI in your marketing activities continues to be a vital aspect for every business. Unfortunately, this has been a major challenge for marketers because measuring every marketing activity isn't always easy. And sometimes, it has become a common argument for budget concerns since it requires paid analytic tools and additional staffing to generate comprehensive sales reports better.


  • Focus your marketing on engaging prospective customers and creating content that generates more clicks, page visits, and downloads.
  • Use marketing software to link your marketing activities to your sales reports.
  • Invest in analytic marketing tools. While it may add to your budget list, it's a great help to understand your customers' activities and which area you should strengthen your marketing efforts.

Client Retention 

This has been a big issue for most businesses considering the various competitions and fast-paced trends in the market. So how do you maintain your clients? Always go back to your content. And here are some easy tips:


  • Send your current client helpful resources that will make them use your products and services. 
  • Offer personalized benefits or limited promos exclusive to them and send them messages.
  • Change your approach to your customers. Evaluate their current subscribed package and adjust it according to their needs. Always remember, retaining client cost less than getting new ones.

Maintaining your website

Your website is the important place where consumers go when researching your brand. The website is where you will view your company information, marketing content, and other resources. It can nurture these visitors to become potential leads or directly buy your Product.

However, maintaining your website has become a challenge for businesses because website speed, navigation, and performance play a crucial role in SEO ranking. It needs to work around the clock to keep visitors drawing in and help you hit your sales target.

Challenges in managing your website may include optimizing content, webpages, and design.


  • Hire additional staff to manage your website performance. Or you can partner with agencies that offer remote administrator help. You can try KLB Solutions' team of expert remote administrators for your website designing and maintenance needs.

Email Engagement

In today's customer engagements, businesses mostly get attention from emails. It is well proven that email marketing delivers ROI faster than social media marketing. But improving email engagement is not as easy as it sounds. That's why it is one of the most significant challenges for marketers.


  • Create personalized and valuable email messages. 
  • Take time to do research and understand your subscriber's needs and preferences.
  • Know what devices they use in engaging with your emails.

Product Messaging

Launching and introducing a product and getting new customers will always be hard. This becomes more challenging because if your product message does not strike your target audience's attention, your Product may sound just like other competitors; thus, it can make no unique distinction. Or in the other way, your Product messaging is overboard that typically does not excite customers, and no one cares to respond.


  • Do better research your target customers and how your current customers use your Product. 
  • Probe customer reviews and testimonials about why people are choosing you over others to invite more customers
  • Survey your products better to understand your marketing and customer reach loops.

Inadequate Customer Data

Sometimes, the data is already there, but unfortunately, it's not easily accessible. In addition, most consumers now shift to an omnichannel approach making it more challenging for businesses to capture the whole picture of customer data and purchasing activity.


  • Make use of your available resources, such as social media metric algorithms. This not only gives a picture of your content's performance but can also help you identify what content your prospect customers respond to and engage in.
  • Survey your customer preference and needs. This bridges your customers' pain points and allows you to build a connection with them.


Analyzing your product marketing strategies will undoubtedly help your business discover marketing opportunities. And when you already know which are you need to improve, this allows you to refocus your efforts on these areas of challenges, so you can start creating effective marketing.

And remember, there will always be challenges in your marketing. But no challenge is too big if you stay focused on your goals and commitment to your business. Embrace these challenges as business opportunities for growth. 

Are you experiencing these challenges in your product marketing as well? Let us know how you're doing! Schedule a call with us now, and we'll make a fitting solution to your marketing needs!

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