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Maximize your social media channel's potential. Engage with customers, showcase your business, gain community trust. Social media lets customers find you. Let us create strategies to bring your social media page to life.

save time and money

Social Media can be time consuming. Tracking the ever changing landscape of social media is a daily chore. Posting consistently to social media is necessary to keep clients interested and aware of your products and services. Our team of takes care of the daily operations to keep your social media account running smoothly so you can get back to managing your business.
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Content and graphic design

Creating contents and graphics design required customer research to make the biggest impact. Our team makes changes based on the results of our past campaigns and the campaigns of your competition.

Daily social media posts

Take back your time. We create daily social media posts for a fraction of the cost of having an in house employee.  We deliver an approval document to you monthly and we handle the rest.

Engagement reports

By studying the analytics, we ensure the biggest impact and reach. Changes to our hashtags, content, and graphics are based on the prior top performing post. 

A Powerful Digital Marketing Tool

Build An Online Presence

KLB Solutions helps you build a strong social media marketing team that can rule today’s popular social media networking sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.

Grow Your Reach

We help you grow your reach. Utilizing and leveraging the different social media networks allows us to tap more targeted customers interested in your brand.
Analyze And Adapt
The social media arena is wild and dynamic, with most of the users’ behaviors changing from time to time. We study analytics and adapt to your audience.

What We Do

Social Media Posts Management
Posting useful content requires thorough research, enticing visuals, and evergreen copies. So, if this is something that bugs you, stay comfortable and relax! We’ll do everything from preparing, scheduling, and handling comments moderation of all your social accounts.
Manage Ad Campaigns That Give More Qualified Leads
Are you planning to do online ads? Aside from your website, there is no other better channel to do that than harnessing the power of social media. With our service, you can have ad campaigns that are targeted and cost-effective. 
Run Facebook Ads That Convert
Aside from getting quality leads, your social media ads, particularly Facebook, should yield conversions. After all, it is part of the goal to generate sales and increase the business’ revenue

Let us handle the heavy lifting

Out team is dedicated to quality. We monitor metrics and adjust our plans to make sure we are delivering the best return for your investment.
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30 Facebook and Instagram posts a month for the price of 20
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