6 Opt-In ideas to grow your email list

Opt-in Ideas to Grow your Email List

October 12, 2022CategoriesTags

Do you know you can grow your email list on autopilot mode? 

Well, if it's your first time hearing the word, it has been part of creating email marketing that helped many entrepreneurs stand out from the rest of the competition. Need to revamp your strategy for your email growth? Then there are great opt-in ideas for you!

But first, what is an Opt-in?

Opt-in is an inbound marketing strategy that business owners use to solicit consent from their website visitors to send promotional and content updates of their business through email. Opt-ins help businesses boost their marketing strategy. It has become a tool to encourage and get customers more interested in your services.

There are two types of Opt-ins:

  • Single Opt-in. A one-click subscription where subscribers receive marketing offers in an instant. It's fast and quickly built-in mail subscriptions; it is less hassle for customers and very favorable for customers using mobile when signing.
  • Double Opt-in. This opt-in requires customers to confirm their subscription after signing up. This type has more quality benefits, such as getting actual customer leads' email addresses, reducing the risk of future inactive subscribers and more click-throughs.

But are Opt-ins still crucial in today’s Digital Marketing?

Definitely! As said, customers give high value to safeguarding their personal information online. And with opt-ins, customers can exercise their right to choose and receive the information they want. In addition, Internet users dislike spam messages and of course, you don't want your business to be the one sending spam to these customers. So Opt-in in your website safeguards your business and creates a better position with your users.

If you are not entirely convinced, here is the list of reasons why opt-in is vital to your Digital Marketing. 

  • It creates leads by building a mailing list of qualified buyers, viewers, or business partners. 
  • Opt-in builds trust and credibility among businesses. Making your visitors or subscribers aware that you will be sending marketing offers via email creates a sense of transparency that is ideal for building emotional trust with your brand. 
  • Build connections with customers. Opt-ins connect emotionally with customers by sending 'personalized emails.'

Opt-in encourages potential customers to subscribe and sign up for your business marketing offers with full consent. And if that is not a good business strategy, we don't know what is. 

6 Opt-in Ideas to Grow your Email List

Free Courses

If you know your skills and expertise in your field, you can turn on that 'expert' self and offer a free course to your customers. Then, using the information you have about your target customers, think of the information you want to share and seek what other topics they visit your website. 

Once you develop your free course, you can use autoresponders in your email to send out to your subscribers at a scheduled time interval. Again, this helps expose your customers to your business and what you offer. 

Free e-Book

E-books don't have hundreds of long pages to be valid for your customers. It can even be 8-10 pages short, providing valuable information to your opt-in subscribers.

Downloadable Articles.

If your website creates helpful, original, content-rich articles, you can collect email addresses from your customers and require them to your website opt-in list to download and use the full article.

To increase sign-up, your downloadable articles should contain something people are interested in, and they cannot download the free version unless they subscribe. 

But articles aren't the only thing your business can offer. You may also provide clients with your original e-cards, screensavers, desktop wallpapers, or templates in return for their opt-in information.

Printable Gift Tags

These are especially appropriate throughout the Festive season. Create some charming or amusing gift tags (while keeping your niche in mind) and allow subscribers to print them for personal use.

Offer Member-only Webinars or Discussions.

This can be a major draw for customers in your niche market. Aside from that, it attracts opt-ins. It lets you know more about your customers, their pain points, the kind of product they want, and their needs. 

Member-only Special Promo and Discounts.

A great way to encourage visitors to access their personal information is to offer them promos and discounts that help them save money. This is a great and effective way to make your customers feel appreciated before purchasing your product.

If you are unsure what incentives to offer, use your creativity and look for a possible meeting point between what's suitable for you and your target market. 


The first step in developing a successful opt-in approach is considering who you want to join your list. The finest opt-in offers are built in response to the demands of a specific niche market. Any of these approaches, with some modification, might help you establish a highly focused opt-in list.

More importantly, to make your Opt-in more effective, always offer them a mobile-friendly experience to reach more comprehensive customers since most users use mobile for searches. Second, include the best benefits they can get by listing in your opt-in email list. Third, support this by showing customers positive reviews and testimonials about your business product or services.

Lastly, always give subscribers the option to opt-out. Sure, you don't want to lose your subscriber, but respecting them and giving them this option will make them feel safe and confident to rejoin your list.

How does integrating Opt-in sound to you? Are you up for it? 

Schedule a call with us today, and let us help you turn your business goals into a reality!

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