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Mobile Commerce: Is it a Must-Have for Business?

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Think about Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. Those social media sites have numerous ads and promotions that pop up here and there. With a swipe and click from your phone, your parcel will soon be delivered to your doorstep. But, of course, this leaves you thinking, “Am I being tricked? This feels too good to be true!” Nope, this is not a trick! It's simply due to mobile commerce.

So, what exactly is this mobile commerce? What are the benefits of this strategy? Any pros and cons? To know more, continue reading to learn about the benefits, drawbacks and must-haves of mobile e-commerce!

What is mobile commerce (m-commerce)?

Mobile e-commerce (or m-commerce) refers to users buying services and products through mobile technology. The activity usually occurs when users go to the company's website using their phone or scrolling social media feeds and then buy through the social platform. 

Mobile commerce has caught the attention of marketers in the 2019 statistics, where mobile businesses accounted for over $2 billion in sales.

So, if you are an aspiring entrepreneur or maybe taking up your business online, consider these benefits of mobile commerce!

Mobile Commerce Benefits

Digital marketing trends are slowly killing traditional marketing. A brand's survival in this digital age largely depends on its adaptability to new technologies, in which brands need to evaluate the consumers' growing purchasing changes, especially using mobile shopping.

Here are the benefits of mobile commerce to help transform your e-commerce website:

  • Accessibility

Mobile commerce makes it easier for your business to advertise products, goods, and services. Optimize your content by making it mobile-friendly and easy for mobile viewing. Redesign your website to be mobile responsive to encourage your audience. 

Mobile commerce brings your business to a platform they choose in front of your target audience. This not only improves your brand visibility but increases your brand awareness and sends a message to your audience that your business is adaptable to digital changes.

  • Expand and Enhance Business Marketing

With mobile e-commerce tools, businesses can run A/B testing similar to digital marketing to see what content in your marketing piques customers' interest in mobile. 

  • Marketing at the Right Timing

Mobile commerce, like mobile search or social media, allows the brand to reach customers on different day-to-day routines. Whether commuting, working at the gym or having their break time, mobile commerce will enable businesses to optimize their content at all times.

Mobile Commerce Pros and Cons

Undoubtedly, mobile commerce has its advantages and disadvantages. To know if venturing into this marketing approach is worth it, take a look at this list of positives and drawbacks of mobile commerce:

  • Data privacy issues

Companies are tasked with preserving customer information with easy access to consumer data. Regarding mobile marketing and eCommerce, you must thoroughly grasp how to address these privacy concerns for your users.

  • Wide Competition

The internet platform has created several brand chances, such as reaching out to worldwide consumers. However, having foreign competition is a challenge. If you wish to expand your brand's presence in mobile commerce, you should be aware that many more rivals are out there.

  • Internet Connection

Will lose unsaved data, and customers will have to re-enter it. Starting anew will be inconvenient and time-consuming. As a result, a poor internet connection is also a hindrance to mobile business.

  • Shipping fees 

People buy your products, and you must deliver them to them somehow. Setting a minimum for free shipping will drive your consumers to keep purchasing until they reach the amount that would allow you to justify paying the $8.99 shipping label out of your wallet.

  • Fees and unknown/unexpected elements 

Unexpected elements are common in all facets of business, whether online or mobile. However, one downside of mobile commerce is that you may be charged unexpected costs. 

This might be anything from foreign shipping to app maintenance or website upgrades. 

To minimize unforeseen charges, conduct your study at least six months in advance so that you can plan and prepare for your mobile launch.

Key takeaways

Why wouldn't you also be there if all your customers are congregating on the internet and spending time? Mobile commerce is the next stage in a brand's technological growth if it is to thrive in today's internet-connected society.

Discover more about mobile commerce and more research today. Schedule a FREE call with us today. Let us help you make your business dreams into a reality!

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