Micro-blogging with Instagram

Micro-Blogging with Instagram

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Marketing innovation is fast increasing. Proof of this is Blogging, which is now changing dramatically. Blog forms are evolving, and many have shifted to visual designs and content. Some blogs are shuttered and incorporated into social media platforms that invest heavily in visuals, just like Instagram. In recent improvements, other content creators combined the elements of blogging with Instagram images– this new medium is called micro-blogging.

Let's dive into the discussion and learn effective ways to interact with your online community!

What is Micro-Blogging?

Just as the name suggests, micro-blogging is creating compact information, short-form blogs that are posted with Social Media content. It's a helpful way of quickly conveying important news, tips, and rich content, without the need to create the traditional 500-800 words blog post. 

Research has shown that users only read 20% of the content shown; therefore, short and interactive content is more favored. The quick and information-packed story helps increase a business's chances of getting the audience's attention. As Instagram still holds the most rapid growth among social media platforms, we believe microblogging is the most impactful platform.

Micro-Blogging with Instagram

Does it sound challenging? Here are our tips for micro-blogging on Instagram:

1) Start a caption with the most information

Although you can create captions of more than 2000 characters on Instagram, this won't guarantee that your text will be seen unless viewers click "See more." You can start your caption with something related to the headline for viewers to know what they'll be reading.

2) Invite comments and interaction

You can always start your captions with a question. This way encourages viewers to reply and interact with your comment section. Requesting audience inputs and opinions are also an excellent way to boost your content. The Instagram algorithm pushes many comments and engagement posts to help you drive the conversation.

3) Offer Relevant Tips and Tricks

Mini-tutorials and life hacks are a great way to draw an audience into your posts. The image of the content should include text that highlights info in the caption. Or, use the remaining few characters to set up your content for simpler tips.

4) Create content that offers ‘Behind the Scene’ clips or images

Audiences like it when they see the behind the scene of content posted. It creates authenticity for businesses which attracts customer value. Social media is the most highlight-worthy part of the content, and it's not just about the scene; it's also about honesty that builds customer trust. 

5) Host a Contest

Nothing promotes engagement like the chance to win a freebie. The simplest method is to encourage followers to produce and share content using a contest-specific hashtag. It has a higher concentration than the traditional posting of services and products.

How to make Instagram posts more engaging?

Writing an intelligent yet honest micro-blog caption should be on your list. Here are a few essential things you can do to improve the performance of your Instagram posts:

  • Location Tags- Instead of stating the location in your caption, utilize the geotagging option. Users want to know what they're viewing and where it is on the globe. Furthermore, location tagging enhances engagement by 79%.
  • Improve "Link in Bio"- Although Instagram requires you to work for it, directing users from your posts to your company website pays dividends. Include the words "link in bio" at the end of each caption, then use a free service like marvelous.bio to establish a trackable, unique URL so you can analyze traffic movement from your Instagram photos to your site.
  • Hashtags- Using hashtags is an effective way to get your content to reach a wider audience and customers. Hashtags make your posts more visible in search results, exposing your brand to a broader audience. Start typing related keywords, and Instagram will show you the most popular related hashtags.


Even if you favor writing long, meaningful blog entries, microblogging on Instagram might be an excellent strategy to boost your brand. It piques the attention of a different part of your audience, connects them less intimately but more regularly, and allows you to share ideas and information that do not neatly fit into your major brand.

Combined with consistency, you will surely see actionable and positive results in your Instagram activities. As we end this article, we'd love to know your thoughts about it! Or do you need help with social media strategy? We might help you with it and make your social media get more followers!

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