Marketing trend: Incrementality

Marketing Trend: What is Incrementality?

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Companies started measuring incrementality and the effectiveness of their marketing efforts. Brands are strategizing how to measure their ad campaigns effectively. It helps marketers solve the question: “Will customers make the same purchase behavior if they have not seen the campaign?”

In this article, let’s dive deep into this marketing trend and how it impacts marketing.

What is Incrementality?

Distinguishing how paid ads impact your marketing activity's overall sales and revenue is one of the most challenging parts of any marketing measurement. This is done to know if your marketing activity's conversions are coming from paid ads or organic ones.

With no accurate understanding of where the conversions are coming from, it will be difficult for marketers to allocate funds to achieve their conversion goals. That is where incrementality comes in. It solves this challenge by showing the incremental impact of the advertising activity on its overall conversion. In totality, it helps marketers identify which ads, marketing channels, and campaigns greatly contribute to their sales.

Why is it essential to measure Incrementality?

Incrementality determines which touchpoints in a marketing campaign generate more conversion, thus allowing marketers to create strategic and improved marketing. It outlines which components of the approach are doing well and exposes which techniques aren't working so well.

How does Incrementality work?

Testing how your marketing activity performs through incrementality will only work if its measurement covers the Omnichannel of a business. By testing this strategy in all channels, marketers can know the company's good percentages in terms of purchase-based and revenue. An important thing to remember when measuring is not every platform provides the same percentage. This means even if one of your channels attracts few customers, don’t leave it behind as users may find you on other channels.

Applying the Incrementality method

Before anything else, set a target channel in which you want to measure incrementality. This helps clarify your goal and start working on determining your marketing efforts. After identifying, choose your audience demographic to start filtering and the data according to your target audience. Finally, determine the percentage of conversions of it. 


Incrementality measurement is a great way to test the efficacy of your ad campaigns, save you from advertising costs and get a chance to get more organic conversions. Incrementatlity is essential to create effective omnichannel marketing campaigns. 

What are your thoughts about this article? If you think you’re ready for, take a leap to marketing measurement, KLB Solutions is prepared to help! 
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