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Marketing Graphic Design Tips for Non-Designers

August 11, 2021CategoriesTags

With more and more companies taking their business online, marketers have learned that visual content will always be more engaging and impactful than any text-based content. This has led to more people, even those less experienced, to take on graphic design tasks. And with the advent of DIY graphic design tools (Canva, Visme, Fotojet, etc), anyone can do it.

Of course, like any other skill, graphic design takes a lot of time, effort, and practice--regardless of the tools used. Good design doesn’t just happen out of nowhere. They’re almost always meticulously thought-out, paced, and planned. Line, shape, form, texture, balance, and the rule of thirds are all basic elements that come together to form the design. Here are the graphic design principles you should master to improve your visual content:


Color is a major element in graphic design. We see it all around us. It has the power to communicate meaning without words. Red is associated with love, passion and energy. Blue is calm and serene. Graphic designers use color to draw out certain emotions from the viewers and make their design more impactful.


Typography is important in graphic design because words make up most of human communication. Simply put, typography is the appearance and style of texts. We give different style and appearance to texts in the same manner we apply intonation to give emphasis to some words over others when we talk. 

Layout & Composition

The layout and composition of a design is how the contents are arranged. Certain principles like hierarchy and alignment between images or texts gives structure to the overall design. This also means that no matter how good the individual contents are, bad layout and composition can still break the overall design.


Images are usually used in graphic design to draw people’s attention. Compelling design uses unique images that people can connect with.

Branding & Identity

Branding and identity are the visual elements of a company. It’s how a company uses design elements such as color, logo or typography to distinguish themselves from other companies. It’s important to stay as consistent as possible to the brand’s visual elements as this makes it more likely for customers to remember the company.

White Space

White space, or negative space, is the space between the contents or elements of a design. People don’t want to be bombarded with information so white space allows the viewer to pause and take in information. It also doesn’t have to be white — it can be any color or even a pattern or a background image.

Final Words

However you decide to create your visual content, it is important to follow these design principles as guidelines. It takes a lot to learn good graphic design, and may even take longer to find your own style. When you’re starting out, there is no shortage of learning resources on the internet. Additionally, you can always learn from other designs made by more experienced graphic designers.

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