How to Make the Best Facebook Business Page for Startups

December 8, 2021


Facebook is the largest social social media network for entrepreneurs worldwide.

How to Make the Best Facebook Business Page for Startups

Whatever your business strategies are,  Facebook should be a component of your marketing plan.

It's vital to consider not just how to set up a Facebook Business Page, as well as how to modify it to effectively market your company. 

We have put up a checklist for creating and designing a corporate Facebook page, as well as tips for using that page to develop your brand by connecting with your Facebook community.

Begin with the essentials

Sign into the your personal Facebook account and proceed to Pages > Create a Business Page >

Once you are there, you will see two alternatives: Business or Brand and Community or Public Figure. Underneath Business or Brand, select Get Started.

Fill up your basic business information

Regarding the selection of Business or Brand, you will be prompted to provide a page name and category. Remember that you may alter your category any time, however your page name is permanent.

The category you select will decide which additional sections you must complete. If you choose Cafe for example, you'll provide the location and contact numbers for your site(s), as well as your operating hours.

Choose a cover photo and a profile picture

Social media photo size guidelines are critical – if you upload the wrong size, you may wind up with strange cropping or distorted photos, so have these suggested image sizes in mind.

Dimensions of Facebook profile picture: 170 x 170 pixels

Picture size for Facebook cover photo: 820 x 462 pixels

Once your page's material appears in the Newsfeed and you react to other people's posts, your default image will serve as your signature. This should usually represent your corporate logo. Although square proportions are preferable, Facebook will compress the image into a circular shape for ad campaigns and postings, so allow some room around the corners. Once you upload the photo, you will see a preview of the changes made. 

Your Fb cover photo stands at the top of each page and is an excellent chance to provide a special effect that promotes your identity, grabs awareness, or evokes emotions from your users.

If you don't have a graphic designer on board, free programs like Canva feature layouts that you can edit, or you can just input the unique measurements and make your own picture. You may also include a cover clip or a picture presentation.

Fill up your page information

Since Google monitors Facebook Business Pages, the content on your account can help you succeed in international and domestic serps. When you establish a Facebook Business Page, you will receive recommendations to help you complete all the necessary information for your page. If you ever need to implement adjustments, simply return to your page's About section and choose Edit Page Info.

Hire collaborators for your page 

If you intend to delegate Online marketing obligations to a workforce, you'll need to allow access and delegate responsibilities to multiple individuals. To add collaborators, head to your page's settings and then to the Page Roles area. You can enter the name of every Facebook friend who has interacted with your profile. You can also enter the email address linked to a Facebook account. In any case, you should be Facebook friends with anybody you wish to add as a collaborator.

Boost the visibility of your Facebook Business Page

After you have completed the fundamentals, you may further improve your page using personalization features. While being on your page, pick Edit Tabs from the More drop-down menu. You may then choose from themes that appeal to various sizes of industries, such as Charity, Retail, Services, Hotels & Eateries, and so on.

By tapping on the templates, you can preview the (CTA) icon and tabs.

KLB Solutions LLC can help you manage your Facebook Business Page

The very first step is to know how to develop a Facebook Business Page. Once you've created your page, it's critical to maintain consistency in your material. You would not want to invest all that effort designing your page and growing your audience just to publish infrequently.

KLB Solutions LLC can manage your Facebook posting calendar and evaluate your performance in one location. 

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