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Is Joining Facebook Groups Still Relevant?

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With social media changing from time to time, constantly evolving, and new and exciting ready-to-download gaming and messaging applications right at our fingertips, adapting to these changes has become more of choice than an option. However, groups, a feature launched in 2010 by Facebook is still up and running and still being utilized by many until 2022. So, to sum up why Facebook Groups is still the most valuable messaging feature. 

What is a Facebook Group?

Facebook Groups are private online communities where people can join groups based on topics that interest them. These groups are very similar to private Facebook Groups you can create yourself. However instead of being a social outlet for just friends, Facebook Groups are designed to be open to all users who have an interest in the topic. Groups can be for any subject and are usually set up by people called administrators. Members are mostly filtered with survey questions before being accepted to the Facebook group. Facebook group topics can range from sports teams, Businesses, to food, to parenting concerns, and more.

Should You Join Facebook Groups for Marketing?

The short answer is yes. You should always join Facebook Groups that target your ideal customers. When it comes to marketing your business on Facebook Groups, this is a fantastic way to connect with prospects and even build a community of supporters. 

Just remember that there are some crucial things before joining any Facebook Group. First of all, it’s essential to find the right group. Then, you can find the right group. Finally, research if this facebook group speaks to their social name. 

Second, look at the members to see if anyone in the group is a good fit for your product or service. And lastly, once you’ve found the right group, you must join the specific group you plan to target. This is because some groups are more effective than others for marketing purposes.

We came up with five reasons why you must reconsider creating and joining Facebook Groups and why you should consider not leaving your existing ones.

Faster and efficient

If you wish to relay specific information to a broad group, you might utilize Facebook Groups. For example, recommending a freshly-opened business and other products and services to friends, a simple reminder, or perhaps an announcement that involves a specific group, let Facebook Group do the work instead of messaging them one by one.

Huge Audience

Some Facebook Groups have tons of members, all with specific purposes. This is a beneficial tool for reaching a large audience for your product or website or even recommendations intended for a larger group for free! In addition, you can customize Facebook Groups as to what products or topics you talk about.

Fun Community

Having a Facebook Group promoting a common good- daily news from everyone, as to what is new in the air for everybody’s awareness, enjoyable DIY activities at home with kids can be considered helpful in so many ways. A bonus is to belong to a circle of people constantly promoting a friendly environment.

Collect Feedback, Set an Appointment

Who says Facebook Group is limited only to messaging? You can also put up polls and Q&As to convince your group to respond by simply tapping buttons you customize. You can also pin this so members will not miss out. You can also set an appointment to notify everyone of the designated time and date. With this, everyone will miss any important work no more, be it a virtual get-together with friends, a time-sensitive reminder, or simply a countdown for a specific task.

Hands-On and Direct

Nothing is as satisfying as being on top of your expectations, be it a task you delegate to a colleague or a project you are constantly monitoring virtually. Facebook Groups provide a direct connection between you and the person you are engaging with, thus achieving a successful collaborative output.


Facebook Groups are fantastic ways to build a community of supporters and grow your brand. However, it would be best to remember that Facebook Groups are private spaces and won’t leave a trail for followers to follow you back. This means that you must avoid spamming your group users and instead focus on building relationships one-on-one with your group members. 

So, Facebook groups will continue to be highly important only if the core of its scope and idea does not change.

If you need to build your customer base on social media, you can create one instead of joining Facebook groups. And doing the latter option will require more tools and support.

Connect with us and let us help you manage your Social Media needs!

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