6 tips to integrate brand essence to your website.

How to Integrate Brand Essence into your Website

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Why do people love and patronize certain companies more than others? In most cases, it is because of Brand essence or identity. It entails all the assets you as a company used and all other factors like brand values and personality. In simple terms, it's a unique company component that separates it from all other businesses.

You need to remember that customers purchase from a business when they feel they are connected with them. Integrating brand essence into your website gives you added digital presence and makes you stand out from the competition.

So how do you even start it?

Understanding Brand Essence

Brand essence is an overall core characteristic that’s responsible for defining your brand. Your brand essence encompasses your brand voice, image, message, and your brand values.

When customers see something in your brand, they can relate to it helps convince them to choose your brand over others, enhancing your chances of sales. A website is only one of the many places that customers will look into. From there, everything on your website should immediately make an emotional connection with your customers. 

But the problem is it’s very challenging to build brand essence when you only have a standard website template. How would you convince customers to choose you over others?

Why Websites Need Brand Essence

As the saying goes: The first impression lasts. 

Make your website visitors love your unique design homepage and visuals to impress them. But one wrong element can turn this chance into a wrong impression. How does brand essence help you make a lasting positive impression?

Build Customer Trust

Your brand should establish a sense of consistency in everything that your business does. From the logo and colors to selling your products and interacting with your customers, your brand essence should remind them of what your business stands for. Consistency leads to credibility and to building customer trust.

Help Stand out from others

Having a brand essence showcases what’s unique with your business and differentiates you from other competitors. Time and time again, it reminds customers of your business values and what you do as a company.

Builds Emotional Connection

Customers will always look for something they can emotionally connect with. Remember, people fall for brands with human characteristics rather than just their brand. And that’s where brand essence comes in. 

How to Integrate Brand Essence into Your Website

Many elements add up to a vital brand essence. There is no shortage to show your brand uniqueness on your website. To elicit emotional connection from your customers, here are 6 easy tips you can do for better branding:

Choose Your Brand Color

Colors play an important role in any brand's essence. From product packaging to logo color and shading, choosing your brand color and effectively using them should make customers easily remember your brand. 

Always remember, using your brand color consistently has proven to enhance customer recognition by up to 80%. So stick with your chosen color on every digital platform.

 Choose your Typography

Fonts and typography are other important components customers use to recognize your brand. Building a brand essence requires selecting fonts you will use on every platform. The fonts you pick must reflect something about your company and its values. 

In choosing your font and typography, always consider what your customers would think and feel when they see it.

Know your Website Images

Every graphic on your website matters. It conveys the sentiments and personality of your brand. Picking your website images means bringing value to every element of your website. Your website images should also showcase the human characteristics of it, such as the people behind every product and service you offer. And, of course, the logo. It's the most valuable graphic on your website that must be included on all your website pages to ensure customers know where they are shopping. 

In addition, make sure that the images you put on your website have enough white space so customers can see them well.

Picking the right Tone of Voice

While logos and brand colors are the first element to get noticed in any brand essence, your tone of voice will have an impact equal to the two formers. Brand voice gives your website content a sense of personality and depth. It does not necessarily be formal or one-tone. You can play with it, add humor, and even include emojis for extra feels.

Similar to all other elements, the tone of voice should be consistent. As business owners, make sure that your agents know how to use your chosen tone of voice, including chat services and building your social media.

Focus on your Brand Message

The personality you bring out with your tone of voice is crucial n driving success. But regardless of the vote and personality you showcase, you have to ensure that customers get the right message. As much as possible, your brand message is the first that customers come across when they visit your website. 

Do not Imitate Your Competitors.

It’s okay to explore and research website design and ideas from your competitors. It’s a form of competitive analysis that can give you insights into the current trends and strategies that may have worked for your target audience. But, never get too swayed with your research that you copy it to your website. 

Instead, focus more on your working on your unique website. You can start by asking how you want to tell your business and background. What is unique about your business from other organizations? Always showcase things amazing to your company, and don’t forget to integrate your brand personality to connect with your customers emotionally.

How to make the Most of Your Brand Essence

A website is a valuable tool for your business. It creates an opportunity to share your product and services with the world, attract target customers and boost your sales. But you need not forget that you can demonstrate better what your brand is truly all about through brand essence. And with the elements of good brand essence in your website, you can build a better relationship with your audience. This relationship connects customers on an emotional level, thus enhancing brand loyalty.

Every aspect of your website needs to encourage connection with your customers. If you want a website that attracts and drives sales, follow the six tips we’ve outlined or leave the work to the experts. 
Here at KLB Solutions, we have a team of experts to help you build a website that converts and deliver sales. If interested, connect with us today and get your FREE QUOTE!

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