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Inclusive Web Design: Why You Need it in Your Website

November 11, 2022CategoriesTags

Not every website visitor or user interacts the same way. A website is a way to interact with your potential customers. When designing a website, it's essential to consider its usability and accessibility. 

This post will determine what Inclusive Website Design means why it is valuable in web design, and what to consider when designing website interfaces.

What is Inclusive Web Design? 

Inclusive web design removes the assumption that all website visitors and users have the same usability experience. Accessible web and UX design are crucial for a website, and there's a lot to consider in having an inclusive plan– user impairment, demographics, and other circumstances. These factors significantly affect how visitors experience your website. And if your web design does not cater to these aspects, higher tendencies of visitors are not fully satisfied with your website. 

Why do You need to Integrate Inclusive Web Design into Your Website?

There are several reasons why web designers must incorporate accessibility and diversity into every website they create. Here is some upside of inclusive web design:

1. Better product design

With the developments in web designs, from websites to mobile apps, inclusive web design pushes web designers to reconsider going back t good, useable web design.

2. Reaches Wider Audience

A brand that takes a universal experience and values inclusivity and equity for every visitor and not just the ideal user is more likely to gain loyal-based customers.

3. Better Customer Interaction

In inclusive web design, consider some ethical design to help users feel better, not just in website accessibility but with their minds and bodies. Nowadays, users' screen time is increasing, and it has raised many issues like internet addiction and computer vision syndrome. 

4. Better Search result rank

Google is the number one search engine in the digital world and keeps updating its algorithm. Recently, it was named the best on-page experience that essentially creates better search results: Accessibility, Performance, Best Practices, and SEO. All these age experiences can be addressed with Inclusive web design. 

5. Inclusive Web Design: The 7 Principles to Consider

For a web design to work, they need an inclusive web design mindset to remove assumptions and notions on user website accessibility and avoid favoring average users, overall users. And to successfully perform this, here are the seven guiding principles to follow:

6. Flexibility

Again and again, there's no one size fits all approach in marketing. You don't need to build multiple websites to cater to different user preferences but to add extra UX features that you believe that bridge the gap between different user experiences.

7. Simplicity

Simplicity and minimalism are the undying web design trend. It's not just visually appealing; these two pave the way for a more intuitive design. Inclusive Web design uses are grounded on this principle to build a useful and valuable core feature. 

8. Consistency

Consistency doesn't equate to being a predictable website. Creativity can still be infused while maintaining consistency, and it can improve a website's usability and speed up conversion time.

9. Perception

Web designers also need to consider how they prefer to engage with websites. When bringing together website content, it's essential to consider a healthy mix of preference and visual output. Some website visitors may find it difficult to digest the content, leading to a disadvantage for the brand.

10. Equity

Equity in web design refers to the fair user experience for every website visitor in navigating and completing tasks on the website with ease. 

11. Prevention

Inclusive web design help mitigate human error. It is designed to prevent user interference while providing tolerance and helpful responses to occurring mistakes. By reducing these human errors, inclusive design thus builds trust with visitors. 

12. Accommodation

In addition to ensuring that everyone has a smooth UX on your website, inclusive web design guarantees visitors a certain amount of comfort. Ease in navigation and accessibility can mean many things to every visitor. And inclusive web design help ensures a sense of comfort for website visitors. 


Inclusive Web Design is an encompassing terminology that covers UX design, website accessibility, and responsive design. Inclusive web design further results in a universally useable and well-received website. It's an approach that requires understanding the challenges different visitors may face when they engage in a website. 
And in conclusion, Website creation and design are critical in business operation and growth in general. And even more challenging to capture all users and give them better UX if not correctly designed, visually and in terms of interfaces. KLB Solutions is here to help with your website creation needs! With our team of experts, we can help your business prosper towards its goal and help actualize your business dreams into a reality!

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