4 Business Ideas to Start By Building Online Learning Platforms

February 16, 2021


Are you trying to start your dream business but are unsure of how to get started?

For sure, it is challenging and mind-bugging, but if you do your research well, there are tons of ways to pull off that venture.

Besides the conventional strategies, you may want to include some digital marketing concepts into the picture, such as having an online learning platform.

4 Business Ideas to Start By Building Online Learning Platforms

What is an online learning platform?

As the name suggests, an online learning platform paves the way for a learning opportunity done virtually. It is usually done through tutorial videos or courses, worksheets, masterclasses, or live webinars.

With this kind of arrangement, interested learners can enroll or access the courses by either of the following:

  • Signing up for free courses
  • Buying premium subscription

The first option is best suited to build your audience database first without pressuring them to get a premium membership. It is like warming them up and giving them a glance at what you can offer.

Most of the time, you need to have some dedicated materials ready for free access to make this work. One pro advice for this is to identify only the basic things you want to impart to the audience for free. 

What is an online learning platform?

Then, you need to have a powerful call-to-action (CTA) to urge them into purchasing your premium subscription so they can continue learning a specific course.

On the other hand, the premium subscription tier should always have comprehensive, engaging, and informational content. This is the only way you can attract the potential audience to register and get a subscription based on the available plans.

Now, the ultimate question often raised by interested entrepreneurs or marketers is about profitability.

There is no fancy answer to this except that it is perfect as one form of passive income. Otherwise, if you are looking to start a business with a steady profit flow, this is not an ideal choice for you.

The Perfect Business Ideas to Have Online Learning Platforms

So what businesses are fit for having online learning platforms? Check out this list!

Based on the recent trends, it is common for businesses in the niche of health and wellness and teaching.

Hence, it is a lucrative source of passive income for the following individuals:

  • Yoga Instructors (Yoga Clubs)
  • Teachers (ESL, Online Elective Lessons)
  • Personal Trainers (Training and Gym Clubs)
  • Karate Trainers
  1. Yoga Clubs

Yoga is indeed one of the most notable businesses to leverage an online learning platform to tap potential students.

The Perfect Business Ideas to Have Online Learning Platforms

The demand for this doubled after the pandemic changes the way yoga instructors teach students. Due to the limitations set by the health guidelines and protocols, most yoga clubs now offer online classes under a paid subscription.

Doing this allows them to still earn without risking anyone’s health since everything is done virtually. Just sign up, choose your plan, pay, and you are now good to go and ready for your first class.

  1. Online Teaching

Even before COVID-19, you may have heard about online English teaching (ESL) and how it helps thousands of English learners worldwide. It has been an in-demand passive income opportunity ever since nurturing it these days remains a viable option.

Most physical classes are halted, and some students still want to learn and master certain subjects or lessons. You see, not all online courses are all about English. It is diverse, and you can choose to teach different subjects and classes to students worldwide.

Online Teaching

You can market yourself as a Math or Science tutor, foreign languages instructor, or even elective courses teachers offering piano, guitar, cello, ballet, and other kinds of lessons that are possible to offer online.

  1. Training Clubs

For most training clubs, personal trainers are needed. Suppose you are someone whose expertise is to train someone in fitness, such as routine gym exercises, aerobic, or cardiovascular drills. In that case, it is time for you to explore the option of having online learning platforms.

Make yourself comfortable teaching fitness enthusiasts virtually by ensuring safety first before doing any exercises. You can have a checklist first to give to your client before doing the training just to know what to expect since everything will be done virtually.

Training Clubs -online learning platform

Otherwise, if you choose to upload recorded videos of you doing the workouts, make sure you provide enough disclaimers so your clients will know its risks.

  1. Karate Classes

Another in-demand opportunity today in digital marketing that involves online learning platforms is karate or mixed martial arts classes.

This can be considered one form of online learning usually done by having recorded videos or live classes with adequate supervision.

Karate Classes Online

If you are an expert in Brazilian JiuJitsu (BJJ), MMA (Mixed Martial arts), Judo, Muay Thai, Boxing, and Kali, then do not waste this opportunity and take leverage of it.

In the end, creating your online learning platform by offering lessons, webinars or tutorials will help you increase sales and build your clientele, not just locally.

It is the best way to tap a new market segment with different demographics than what you usually have, which is a good thing because it means you are ready to scale up the business or just make the most out of your passive income.

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