How To Redesign An Iconic Logo In 5 Easy Steps

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The focal point of your brand is your logo. It is the first thing that customers see and is posted on your company's channels. This is why changing a logo might be unsettling. If you're replacing a famous symbol you've owned for a long time, the pressure will only increase.


Even though your logo is notable, the change could occasionally require modification. To make sure your logo revamp is successful, follow these five steps:

1. Think About Your Brand's Personality

Before developing fresh designs, think about your brand's essential identity. Outline the precise reasons for the change and what you expect the new logo will do that the current one cannot. The solution can be simple; an iconic logo may only become outdated after many years. 

Maintaining your brand's identity is the most crucial aspect of a redesign. Regarding the history of your brand, there are more significant issues. Think about why you do things as well as what you do. Any fresh logo concepts should reflect this. 

Think about your identity from a design standpoint as well. Your classic logo still contains colors and other characteristics that consumers identify with your company despite being altered. A well-established corporation that has been in business for a long time may find it unappealing to change too many aspects. Make sure that new design concepts incorporate the most iconic elements of your brand that cannot change. 

2. Study The Market And The Competition 

After you've established the fundamentals of your design through the identification of your business:

  1. Conduct a thorough analysis of other logos in your sector.
  2. Look at the symbols of your rivals.
  3. Find strategies to stand out by considering the commonly used design components

Throughout this process, keep in mind your target audience. Keep your customer persona's values and interests when designing concepts. Make sure your fresh ideas appeal to the proper group of individuals by keeping in mind that design preferences can alter significantly based on the demographics of your target audience. 

3. Utilize A Creative Team

Working with experts when revamping a famous brand is definitely worth the investment. First, examine the portfolio of each agency before choosing one. This will ensure that their work aligns with your aims for the redesign and is done in a manner that appeals to you. At this point, exercise caution and make sure the team you choose has good communication skills and is aware of the direction you want to take. 

Tell the agency you hired about the core identity that you have previously built and the trends in your sector. They'll want to learn as much as possible about your company and its industry through their research and the information you give them. 

4. Provide Insightful Criticism 

Set your goals and a deadline after you've hired a crew. The project will advance more quickly the quicker you give input. The key to ensuring you and your partner are moving in the same direction is to keep the lines of communication open. 

Get opinions on these ideas from people in your sector, and find out their initial thoughts. Comparing your fresh designs to your original logo here can be crucial. In addition, these opinions will help cooperate with an agency effectively, regardless of whether people believe the change is too radical or not significant enough. 

5. Get Your Completed Logo 

It's time to get your new logo after you've given thoughtful feedback and gone through a few revisions. But first, you should receive the agreed-upon deliverables from your agency. This might involve different iterations for print and digital platforms, adaptations for mobile or tablet platforms, and a range of color schemes like black and white, monochromatic, and fully colored. 

You'll be pleased with your makeover if you thoroughly assess your brand and engage with experts to create a new logo. 


Sometimes a logo redesign is necessary. It can be scary to change from your iconic logo, whether your existing design is outdated or your brand has evolved. But by following these guidelines, you can achieve success. You'll have a solid base to work with an agency if you maintain the fundamental ideas of your brand while also taking current market trends into account. From there, you'll be in a great position to build your final picture with a lot of input and a few drafts. 

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