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How To Manage Comments On Instagram And TikTok

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Without community management, a social media comment area is like crossing a minefield and hoping for the best. Users spend so much time "humanizing" brands that they want to know that the person behind the brand cares about what they have to say. 

This post will explain the value of social media comments and how to manage and interact in the comment sections of Instagram and TikTok.

Comparing Instagram And TikTok Comments On Social Media 

Two of the most well-known social media networks are Instagram and TikTok. Both have large, active audiences who enjoy leaving comments on posts and videos. The comment section on each platform, however, has a distinct function. For instance, fans ask questions on Instagram, while TikTok's comment section serves as a secondary source of fun. So let's examine each of these platforms more closely. 


Instagram users can only interact with you openly in your Instagram comments. They give your audience a chance to interact with your brand personality. Commenting is a standard method of customer support used by many brands. 

Monitoring comments on Instagram can serve as damage control for your brand if it is going through a challenging period of unfavorable attitude. Conversely, responding to comments when things are going well helps enhance your brand's personality. 

  • Top Comments Pin 

Comment visibility is ensured by pinning it. Pinning a comment to the top makes it the first comment everyone will notice if you come across one that positively represents your business. The same logic applies to a hilarious or informative comment you want everyone to read, a commonly asked question, and your answer. 

  • Participate in Comments 

By responding to comments on your Instagram page, you increase the relatability of your brand. People appreciate knowing who is behind your account—engagement, brand recognition, and overall brand sentiment increase when comments are liked and responded to. 

  • Dismiss Comments 

Negative comments should typically not be deleted. Customers who remark with concerns frequently wait for a response. They will probably come back and say even worse things if they feel that you ignored their worry by deleting their comment. Instead, demonstrate to them that you are open with your audience and tolerant of criticism. 

However, you should remove offensive remarks and language that could injure a specific person. 

When To Block, Filter Or Disable Comments 

  • Negative Remarks 

Instagram offers a few possibilities when you wish to use more drastic methods in your comment section. For example, creating a list of words you want to filter out of your comment area, restricting comments, or disabling comments on a post can help you clean up your comment section, even if transparency is a recommended practice for a creator or business on social media. For instance, when a brand or account is criticized for a viewpoint or decision that is either controversial or harmful, hate speech, or both. 

  • Spam-Like Comments 

Additionally, Instagram postings frequently receive spam comments, mainly if the post is from a well-known company or account. It is best to omit these words to reduce clutter and allow people to engage in discussion or read your responses to crucial information. 


Users can find more fun in the TikTok comments. Users of TikTok have evolved a distinctive vocabulary and sense of humor, and it all begins in the comments. Without comments, using TikTok wouldn't be the same. In addition to improving the video and frequently being funnier than the video itself, comments are an excellent method to spot emerging trends before they become widespread. For instance, if it weren't for TikTok comments, the eye-lip eye emoji sequence () probably wouldn't exist. Additionally, you should "trip rushing to the comments" of the videos you scroll through, in the words of the TikTok community. 

Here's how to take advantage of the potential of the TikTok comments section. 

Utilize The Internal Content Management Tools 

  • Top Commentary Pin

The comment pinning function on TikTok has a few benefits. Inside jokes and humor on TikTok usually begin in the comments. Typically, one remark starts a chain reaction of amusing jokes and responses. Pinning the best words to the top of your post will show appreciation to your commenters. When new viewers access the comments section, you make it simpler for them to find the comedy hotspot by doing this. 

  • Keyword Filter 

You can also filter comments on TikTok. Go to your security settings, select "Filter Comments," and then enter any words you want to keep out. 

Take part in the TikTok comment culture. 

Add Your Thoughts To Videos 

DuoLingo and Tinder, two popular TikTok brands, have found success by responding to user comments and leaving comments on other users' posts. Because they are participating in the discussion at the same level as their commentators, companies appear more approachable and generate more engagement overall. 

  • Create Videos in Response to Comments 

You can create reaction videos for comments on TikTok, which can be used as a video content idea or bucket for your TikTok content strategy. 9You could utilize a user's comment as the background of your video. People use this method to respond to inquiries or tell stories in 1, 5, or more parts of a video series. Being in the TikTok comments is also one of the finest ways to stay current with social media trends. 

  • TikTok Language Adoption 

Regarding TikTok, a lot is going on. Trending video concepts, audio, and dancing challenges are all great, but knowing and paying attention to the vocabulary is one of the most valuable tools. Many common words have their roots in well-known TikTok films. For example, "Tell me you __ without telling me you ___," or "He's a 10, but he..." Understanding the origins of these expressions will help you make your material or your comments on videos more pertinent and relatable. Check out this movie by Jordan Firstman, who creates a piece using Gen Z slang. 

Summary Of Comment Sections Value

The comments section of Instagram and TikTok post provides insight into the interests and concerns of your followers. Additionally, they can use it to interact with other followers to get advice, offer assistance, or ask urgent inquiries about goods or services. A comment section is a space for criticism in addition to encouraging remarks or asking clarifying questions. Followers can voice their dissatisfaction or negative experiences with your content or items. Even if it's difficult to hear that a follower or client is dissatisfied, it's a chance for your company or brand to learn something new. 

You can respond to user comments directly as the creator, brand, or business owner, or you can utilize direct messages for an "offline" or more private interaction. Because your followers will see that you are a responsive account who cares, engaging with them now will encourage future involvement in other posts. 

To find out more, get in touch with us at KLB Solutions!

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