How to Build your Audience on Facebook

How to Build your Audience on Facebook

May 2, 2022CategoriesTags

One of the most valuable options of Facebook Ads is that it allows any brand to build the audience for their ads in detail.

o this, we must first choose the name of our campaign, and then we decide where we want to show our ad. Next, we go to the "custom audience" option.

It is essential to have the Facebook Pixel tool that links our business website with our Facebook account; we can get metrics of people interacting with our website to draw an effective online advertising strategy.

Here’s How to build an audience on Facebook:

Cover the basics

It can be easy to overlook the essential things when you're eager to start posting content, but be sure to sweat the small stuff for a professional and like-worthy page. Don't forget to provide all your business information and links to your other social media pages and a call-to-action button, such as 'shop now.

Additionally, pay attention to the dimensions of both the header image and your profile image. Getting these wrong can lead to awkwardly cut-off and pixelated photos, which will put visitors off liking or engaging with your page.

Invite people to like your page

Inviting friends, colleagues, and email contacts to like your page is the easiest way to build an audience. If you're starting from nothing, this is the first step you should take to gain your first 100 page likes. Sure, many of the people you invite might be doing it as a favor and won't necessarily be your target audience, but don't forget that when a friend likes a page, it often pops up in their friends' newsfeeds.

As a result, more people will see your page (or at least a link to your page), and your brand visibility will increase with next to no effort. But, of course, those likes you bought don't increase your engagement, website traffic, or sales, so save your money for advertising to real fans.

Produce quality content (and avoid being overly promotional)

Of course, you'll want to start sharing content regularly once your fan base grows. Keep your current fans entertained and informed with relevant content, and you'll see an increase in engagement and traffic to your website.

Your business's 'relevant' content depends on what you want to achieve with your social media strategy.  

Avoid overly-promotional content

If you liked a page, only to be inundated with sales offers from that business in your feed, you'd probably dislike that page without a second thought. Don't leave your fans with a bitter taste in their mouth – they'll feel as though their support for your brand was taken for granted if you try to take advantage of it with poorly-disguised advertising (and Facebook won't be happy either.

Page Like Campaigns

Page Like Campaigns are a form of paid advertising which can dramatically increase your page likes on Facebook. You can select the image you want to appear in your advert and create a short accompanying text, including a call-to-action.

Once you've done this, you can choose the audience you want your ad to be delivered to. One option is to use the 'Audience Demographics' feature, which allows you to narrow down your audience by location, age, gender, interests, and other liked pages.

Boost your posts and target a defined audience

Once your campaigns are underway, it's time to invest in your content. It's a widely held belief that organic reach on Facebook is dead and that paying for space is now a necessity. Whether or not it truly is 'dead' is up for debate, but there's no denying that organic reach isn't what it once was.

If you're a massive brand with hundreds of thousands of fans on Facebook, you might be able to reach a large number of people without boosting your posts. But when you're starting, it's necessary to set aside some budget to ensure your content gets in front of more than just a couple of hundred people. In combination with a solid strategy, even a small budget can make a significant difference, so it will not leave you out of pocket.

Treat your page as a community

The fans are finally rolling in, and your content is well-received. You've discovered the key to building an audience on Facebook: it's time to sit back and relax for a moment? Not quite! The more you grow, the more messages and comments you'll receive from your fans. So give them the time and attention they deserve and try to reply to their inquiries as quickly as possible. Even if they're complaining – and it's always tempting to ignore or delete negative feedback – aim to respond and address the issue soon.

Promote your page on your website

Every opportunity to promote your page by adding buttons with a call-to-action to your website and your email signature. Providing a way for people to like your page without actually visiting your page first will significantly increase your conversion rate. Take boohoo as an example: several social icons linking back to the official boohoo account for each platform have been added to the footer.

Increase your page audience and engagements

Share your page on your newsfeed. Tell everyone about it. Invite people you think might like the page. Tell the people who showed interest to your page to share it.

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