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How to automatically populate default fields in WP Fluent Forms based on prior submissions

February 3, 2023CategoriesTags

WP Fluent Forms to save and populate default values in any form filled out within the session.

Using WP Fluent Forms to save form submissions and pass them to other forms on the in future funnel or website steps.

We will be using WP Fluent Forms to save the users submissions as cookies so we can add them to the default fields in any future forms filled out during that session.

Add Javascript to the thank you message to track cookies from form submissions in WP Fluent Forms

Here is the javascript code that will need to be added to the thank you message to save the user submissions as cookies. please note that you will have to find the names of your fields to save them as cookie variables.

<!-- set cookies for future form use -->
 document.cookie = "first_name={inputs.names.first_name}";
 document.cookie = "last_name={inputs.names.last_name}";
 document.cookie = "email={}";
 document.cookie = "phone={}";

Add the default value to WP Fluent Form fields based on the cookie variable you saved

Next we need to add default values to each of the form fields that we want to have autofilled based on our saved cookies.

We do this by adding {cookie.first_name} to the default value fields. We do this by adding {cookie.first_name} to the default value fields.

Cookie tracking to auto populate forms in WP Fluent Forms

There you have it. Save and track form submissions in WP Fluent Forms. This allows you to create funnels and multi step forms that bring in the user's data so they don't have to suffer the friction of writing it again.

Come back and visit us for more tips and tricks.

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