How Does Social Media Work for Alcohol Marketing: 3 Strategies You Should Try!

May 24, 2022


Alcohol advertisements on social media sites such as Facebook are effective when they have received positive, pro-drinking comments from fellow users.

alcohol marketing

Social media experts suggest effective Internet strategies include focusing not solely on drinking but rather on outside life influences and “feel good” activities like music performances, sporting events, extensive summer and winter gatherings.

Another strategy is offering behind-the-scenes and early-access offers to new products.

Engaging with those who make comments or ask questions is another effective social media strategy. Contributors want to know their words are heard and appreciated.

Manufacturers frequently publish newsletters full of new product news, contributor photos, recipes, and tips. In addition, a website or blog that adds new content often drives traffic to the company’s site.

Engaging with Customers

It is vital to keep opportunities for reader engagement simple, fast, and accessible. If you make readers click on another site for content or access, you will lose over half of them immediately. Instead, engage readers with a short video directly into your Twitter feed or Facebook, and you command immediate attention.

Content may take many forms: photos, video clips, podcasts, recipes, announcements, coupons, or invitations. The content must convey your brand’s message.

Abandon traditional alcohol advertising. Those party scenes and tailgate party photos and videos once worked. It is more effective to link your site to a cooking area that uses your brand or an event you’re sponsoring for a worthy cause. 

Avail yourself of opportunities to show how your brand is famous without making blatant self-aggrandizing claims. Personalize the company by showing special moments in the lives of the company’s employees, family, and fans.

People love free things. Offer discounts on fan gear or product coupons for demonstrated consumer loyalty. Provide prizes for original recipes using your product. 

Utilizing Influencers to Endorse your Alcohol Brand

Social media influencers have built a reputation for their knowledge and credibility, and expertise on a specific topic.

Next, you need to decide whether you can afford to hire an influencer. How is this person going to increase your sales? How do you intend to track influencer effectiveness?

You must choose your influencer carefully. They should be someone who interacts with your niche market. (S)he also must be a good fit for your industry and brand.

The influencer must also possess a documented ability to write the content you need for your brand. The most successful influencer for fabric softener might—or might not—be an effective influencer for your product. You want someone who has a large following in your target market. This is the best way to promote your brand.

Content Marketing for Alcohol Branding and Marketing

Many alcoholic brands are creating powerful content marketing campaigns that allow them to sell unique stories and experiences to audiences and consumers. 

The strategy surrounding content marketing relies on the creation of a journey. Customers can find aspects within a brand that resonate or compel them to interact. Therefore, content marketing becomes an essential piece of crafting sound digital marketing practices. Rather than promoting a product outright, wise brands produce social media posts, blog pieces, influencer articles, and more to further identify with targeted audiences. 

Marketing is less about selling. Instead, content creation has evolved into a series of personal touches geared to convert at higher rates. For example, lead magnets are a top-selling point among alcohol branding and marketing campaigns. 

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