Content marketing created evergreen content to atract customers to your business

How content marketing can increase your sales

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How can we use content marketing to grow our business and maintain a loyal customer base.  People don’t want to know about you or how long you have been in business. They want to know what value you can provide for them.  Your audience wants transformation and solutions to their problems.

Content marketing is creating engaging content that is designed to entertain, educate, or inspire your audience on a regular basis.  The key here is consistency and quality.  You know your audience best. You know their needs, goals, and challenges.  By addressing those needs you provide your audience confidence in your brand as well as create evergreen content to attract other customers organically.

Content marketing created evergreen content to atract customers to your business

Evergreen Content Will Work Around The Clock

Content can be in the form of a blog, a video, or a podcast.  All of these mediums will support organic growth in the long term.  You create something today and it will work for you tomorrow.  Every article that you create will be there collecting organic traffic on your behalf long into the future.  The same thing can’t be said for social media posts.  Social media has ever changing algorithms designed to limit the amount of people that can see your posts.  This is done so people have to pay for boosted posts in order to reach their entire following.  Not only that, but posts get buried over time and become harder and harder to find.  

Be generous with your content

Be Generous With Your Content

People Love generosity.  By giving away our best tricks for free, people are more likely to engage with your brand.  For one, you solved one of their key challenges or shed light on a situation that was once shrouded in darkness for your customer.  This is the kind of information that people want to share.   Your readers, once convinced, become ambassadors for your brand.  They share your knowledge with their friends hoping that they will receive the same value.

Attract potential customers

Content Marketing Attract Potential Customers

Addressing specific challenges is a perfect way to get your ideal client to see your brand.  Your clients all have the same pain points. They vary in many ways, but the underlying problems that plague your clients are shared by most within a niche.  The contents of your blog will attract other customers organically who are searching for similar answers. 

Be clear and give value offering transformation

Don’t The Best. Be Clear

This one was the hardest for me when I was getting started.  I wanted everything perfect before I put it out into the world.  The reality is, by spending so much time going back and making adjustments before launching, I lost the opportunity of creating new content.  New content is how to grow your organic long term traffic.  By getting hung up on logos, colors, and design elements, we lose valuable time that could have been spent producing content to drive future traffic. 

Begin today

Fire! Ready, aim Fire!

You read it right. Fire first, ask questions, make adjustments, fire again. This is a business trick that I learned a long time ago. It’s too easy to get stuck in the what if phase. I’ve personally been stuck there and it's a horrible waste of time and energy.  

Instead just start. Something is much better than nothing. With something, you can mold it and showcase it. You can ask questions and see what the responses are.  Live feedback is essential in creating a product or service that your customers want.  Don’t wait a year before launching your “perfect” product only to realize that no one in the industry has that need.  Instead, create something today. Ask questions, engage with your audience and make them feel special. Ask them what they want to hear or learn about.  Start content marketing today, you will be surprised at the results.

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