Hootsuite Hacks: 10 Functionalities & Tips You Apparently Didn't know Before

December 8, 2021


Hootsuite includes a plethora of undiscovered treasures. These cool features will save time and money while boosting your return on investment.

Hootsuite Hacks: 10 Functionalities & Tips You Apparently Didn't know Before

These Hootsuite tips can help businesses preserve time, remain organized, and administer digital platforms more effectively.

If you're a freelancer or a digital marketing organization, consider these 10 pointers. Maximize efficiency through the use of the Hootsuite dashboard. Experience the time savings for yourself. 

1. Consider duplicating posts in planner

The duplicate option may appear unassuming, yet it is a huge help in consuming your time. It enables you to create a sequence of similar and related postings without having to start from the ground up.

Reuse and alter material so it's acceptable for all of your social media platforms. Don't share the same material across each media platform. Customize usernames, keywords, phrasing, and hyperlinks to make each post more suited for its core demographic.

Hootsuite is useful for targeting multiple time zones, nationalities, locations, or consumers.

Where is the location of the duplicate option? By choosing your post from the Content or Scheduler tabs.

2. Before publishing ideas, collaborate on them

Discussing your ideas and versions with your organization in Hootsuite's Planner page ensures the awareness of what's on the horizon. Modifiable templates enable staff to weigh in in real-time to alter and enrich your social material without requiring a more rigorous approval process. (Which, by the way, is also a terrific idea.)

Having a spreadsheet is useful to create a social media posting schedule. Having multiple perspectives to examine your works-in-progress is a wonderful way to improve the quality of your marketing.

3. For engagement, consider different time zones

When is the appropriate time to share anything on social networking sites?

Auditing marketing material is imperative to success. Some content takes days or even weeks to develop, drop into the algorithm with barely a whimper.

Hootsuite's Scheduling algorithm eliminates the hassle of when to upload. Hootsuite will select a time slot in your calendar that will provide the maximum interaction on a particular platform.

4. Vanity URLs can help you optimize your content

Owly, a freeware hyperlink shortener from Hootsuite, lets every URL you share appear lovely, brief, and credible looking.  Owly urls are safe. They monitor the analytics you need to know about how efficiently your material is performing. 

5. Find free images and trim them to fit the size of any social media platforms.

Two factors in advertising have stayed constant throughout the years. Outstanding imagery necessitates both expertise and expense, and image copyright is complicated. If you are not a photographer or a legal expert, we welcome you to browse Hootsuite's multimedia collection.

With a single tap, you may access loads of free, elevated photos. Hootsuite's software tool allows you to effortlessly filter and resize media to platform-specific proportions, add information, icons, and framing.

6. Create professional-quality graphics without the need for a costly license

If hiring a phenomenal graphic design department (along with a subscription of Adobe Design Software and the rights to a slew of costly typefaces) isn't in the cards this year, we advocate a do-it-yourself design approach utilizing Hootsuite's Canva connection.

Canva offers t design templates that you can customize to match your brand image, from nouvelle to earthy. You may also create your own and save them for future purposes. Maintain your social media appearance relevant and attractive.

It's not only for social posts. You can also create posters, adverts, icons, channel graphics, and much more. Save the cost of clunky, expensive desktops to compute dimensions in pixels).

7. Obtain images from Google Drive or Onedrive

We strongly suggest Hootsuite's content library for managing the whole of your electronic documents for social networking sites. If your firm utilizes Google Drive or Onedrive, utilizing Hootsuite's Cloudview or Dropbox applications could be a useful workaround.

8. Respond to queries and concerns in one location

Regardless of the size of your social management team, it helps to have tools to keep records across different platforms. (In addition, the wider your staff grows, the more probable it is to require a tool.)

Hootsuite Inbox is among the simplest victories on our ranking. It collects all of your Messages, remarks, and discussions in one page so you wouldn't miss out on discussions, prospects, or marketing chances.

9. Keep an eye on your latencies and organizational effectiveness

Analytics for team measurements can assist you in determining where or how your customer service staff is functioning. Metrics such as quantity, pixel density, and initial situational awareness will be measured in these analyses.

10. Connect your Shopify account to your social media feeds.

If you operate your e-commerce firm using Shopify, this trick is for you!

Maintaining a flow of your items for your newsfeeds ensures that you will always have the most up-to-date visual content for your customer.

Seems like a lot to handle? Let our team manage your social media so you can get back to running your business.

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