Creating high impact with low budget for your business

Marketing Tips: Creating High-Impact with a Low budget for your Business

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Marketing is the process of promoting a business to a wider, targeted audience. Time, effort and finances help solidify and enable businesses to connect, engage and expand their networks reach. As online activities continue to rise, changes in the business have transformed the way products and services are marketed. 

Creating high impact with low budget for your business

Having a well-designed strategy can help businesses achieve high-impact marketing despite the online unpredictability. So how do you capture the attention of your target audience with a small budget? 

Build your Business Presence 

Building a business presence goes beyond having an official logo or the color palettes and fonts your brand is using. Business presence is a strength at which people recognize your brand. More than the technicalities, it is about evoking emotion in your target audience, introducing a tone of voice (through your contents), and how you deal with people. People will always recognize a business if it has successfully connect its message to its clients. 

Social Media is the mainstream platform in marketing. Whether you are a start-up or a long-running business, social media undoubtedly creates high-impact marketing and is a tool to help businesses optimize their marketing efforts. To know which social media platform your target audience is actively using, use Digital Marketing Analytics so you won’t waste time on platforms that don’t convert your sales.

Actively Engaged with your Target Audience

Every marketing content should be for your business's target audience. However, it will be difficult to engage with your client if they have not experienced a connection with your brand in the first place. Connection is a key factor in business so your audience will check your posts among thousands of others. Liking, commenting, or viewing their stories are some of the effective strategies when engaging your clients. Once you were able to build a connection, business conversations open naturally.


One-time wonder does not work. A trending post on social media is not guaranteed for your engagements to also increase. Posting regularly, consistently, and scheduling content help increase your business chances of showing up on the feeds of your target clients. Regular posting improves audience engagement with your business, promotes brand message, and enhances client interests. 

Encourage Referrals and Partnerships

Partnering with a known organization, social media influencer, or Youtube video creator can do wonders in expanding your business. Partnering is effective and a high-impact marketing because indirectly, the audience of your partner will become your audience as well. Exposure to different influencer platforms, getting reviews and features increase your business visibility- which makes referrals and partnerships crucial for your business. Aside from partnering, one effective marketing strategy to increase business exposure is through customers' word of mouth. Customers will talk and spread the news of your product or services, one way or another. This is can be a good marketing tool and investment for your business knowing that the word of mouth is almost a zero-cost for your business.

Keep It Short and Simple (KISS)

Nowadays, businesses sometimes get carried away and overword content on social media posts. For high-impact marketing sometimes, content that is simple and straightforward is more effective in getting your business message understandable and relatable to your customers. An underrated component of high-marketing is practicing the #LessisMore attitude in composing your brand and content creation. Keeping it short and simple significantly sustains client interest and gives impact to the message of the conversation. 

To have a better understanding of high-impact marketing, here are some business activities that you can try:

  • Use motivational quotes to inspire, connect and open conversation. Motivational quotes can be for the specific target audience or a general message for the business audience.
  • Conducting a Free Webinar is a good high-impact strategy because it offers help and knowledge to its audience. When audiences feel that they can learn or improve with your services, they’re more likely to engage.
  • Utilize Twitter, Instagram, and Social Media platforms (and their hashtag features) to create content ideas that are on-trend. On-trend content will increase online traffic for the business and eventually lead to sales.
  • Create informative Youtube videos which discuss the benefits of your products to your clients. Videos are more interactive than posts. Clients are more likely to click and engage in content that is interactive and visually attractive. 

There are many other strategies that create high-impact marketing for your business. Paid marketing ads are a rising trend nowadays- which speeds your business exposure to the online market. But if your business is considering low-cost yet high-impact marketing, these tips are highly effective to grow your business at a low cost. 

High-impact marketing doesn’t have to be financially demanding. KLB Solutions offers marketing packages and solutions for your business needs. We have a team of dedicated individuals who deliver the best ROIs for your business. 

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