Grow Your Restaurant with Digital Marketing Strategies | Encourage People To Come To Your Restaurant

June 8, 2022


Social media is a highly effective tool to promote your restaurant. First, however, you need to be sure that you have a good plan.

Your restaurant's social media strategy should focus on two primary outcomes: increasing the size of your audience and encouraging people to come to your restaurant.

Upload Mouthwatering Photos.

Your food is what keeps your doors open. So be proud of it and share as many food photos as possible. Encourage customers to take pictures of their food and post them on social media.

But your social media strategy shouldn't just revolve around your food. Customers buy from people as much as they buy a product. So, just as the service in your restaurant is essential, act the same way on social media. Do not be afraid of posting photos of your crew, your chef, food preparation, or fresh produce arriving.

Another great strategy is to post photos of regular customers (with their permission) and tag them. Or sharing photos of a full dining room with the caption, "Hope to see you here next week!"

Use social media to promote your restaurant. And, because this is an ongoing, constantly changing platform, staying up to date is extremely important. 

Exclusive Offers to Followers

People love feeling like they are in the "know." So use that to your advantage by posting monthly contests or giveaways to your followers. Maybe it's a coupon for a free appetizer only for social media followers. Or perhaps you offer a free dinner to the "mayor," the person who checks in the most during a specific period.

Best of all, giveaways aren't your only option. Something as simple as posting Friday's specials every Thursday night on Facebook can create buzz and anticipation.

Respond to mentions and comments by engaging with your client

An easy trap to fall into with social media is only posting about you. While it seems the best way to gain a following, it's counterproductive. People are sick and tired of brands constantly promoting themselves.

The key to success with your social media strategy is engagement. Use a social media management tool to your advantage. The good ones will make social media engagement easier by having all your social media channels, specific mentions, notifications, and messages easily accessible.

User-Generated Content for Social Media Engagement

What's the best way to create a loyal following? First, encourage and share User Generated Content. This is a perfect example of social media engagement and leverages that engagement into free advertising. Plus, your audience feels more involved.

A great strategy is to ask followers to share photos of their favorite meals and tag your restaurant. Then, you can share it with your followers, enticing more engagement. With social media management tools like Auto Post, you can set up your queue and schedule times to post, and the posts will go out automatically. This can save you time and energy while engaging and sharing with your followers. Finally, you can make sure your accounts remain active.

Be Active on Yelp

Customers are going to review your restaurant. Some will be good, and others will be bad. If you respond only to the good reviews and ignore the bad ones, you'll give a wrong impression to those reading the reviews.

Treat the bad reviewers as though they're still in the restaurant. You wouldn't ignore a customer's complaints if they were still having dinner. Instead, you'd approach them and ask if there's anything you could do to improve their experience.

Doing the same on Yelp will help the customer who had a bad experience, but it will develop trust with those reading the reviews.

Digital Marketing is an excellent way to increase your restaurant's reach and get customers.

With our best marketing strategy, KLB Solutions can help you be active, reach new customers, and increase your restaurant's sales.

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