Get More ROI Out of YouTube Ads

How to Get More ROI Out of YouTube Ads | Top 3 Advantages to Increase Sales

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With the explosive growth of online video and social media, it's no wonder that video marketing is one of the fastest traffic drivers. When used effectively, video ads can be a powerful way to attract targeted audiences and drive conversions at a lower cost than other forms of advertising.

Let's take a look at what you should know about getting more ROI from your YouTube ads.

What is the advantage of using YouTube ads?

Even though video ads have long populated the web, it's essential to understand how these ads work within the context of your business's overall strategy. Video ads can help you get more bang for your ad buck by complementing other forms of online marketing, driving more traffic to your site, and, ultimately, increasing sales. 

Boost Company's Brand

Interestingly, surveys have demonstrated that customers who watch videos produced by a particular company will have a more favorable attitude towards that business. Generally speaking, it garners respect that your company produces videos and advertises on YouTube even if your products or services are not their first choice. By making a presence on YouTube, you are establishing your business as one that is serious and will accrue definite advantages that otherwise might be missed if you didn't advertise on YouTube.

Mobile Marketing

Around half the views of YouTube come from those using smartphones and tablets, which suggests that more people are discovering your products or services thanks to the YouTube ads you have placed. With more people finding your company, your reach will significantly expand your customer base.


Almost all consumers believe that video is a great way to share information when it comes to learning about products. For most people, watching a video takes less energy. It increases the overall comprehension of your offer compared to images and text. Plus, video is a great way to tell a story and, when done well, has a powerful impact. As they say, if "a picture says a thousand words," then video provides the best form of storytelling that engages consumers.

How to target your YouTube ad effectively

Your YouTube ad strategy shouldn't be limited to what's in the video itself. With a combination of the suitable ad format, your YouTube ads should drive traffic to your site, not just to your videos. Here are things you need to do to get the best out of your YouTube ads: 

Gather Data from your Target Audience

In every marketing analytics discussion, understanding your audience is a step that is always present. Gather your audience's data to optimize your YouTube videos and help you create ads that are most attractive to your target audience. 

You can target your video ads based on data analytics: Demographic, interest, and Device data. This data will give you an overview of how your video is being received, including whether or not it is interrupted by other online activities. 

Make Relevant Content

Since there is so much video content on the internet and most YouTube ads can be skipped or closed, it's essential to focus on making high-quality videos. Think of quality as something that doesn't feel like a typical ad or something that doesn't bother you.

Carefully Choose YouTube Ad Format

Youtube has many different Ad formats. Most businesses are stuck asking, "Where should we start?" Well, our advice is to start familiarizing the other form of Youtube Ads and revisit your business' primary goal. Try using a few different types of ads and see how well they do, and make sure to follow Google's specs, so the size and quality are the same. Spending money on market research can help you figure out what kind of ad will help you reach your business goals.

Market research can help your business figure out the type of Ad that will deliver more ROI for your business.

Use the YouTube options for more Targeting Ads

You should pay close attention to the people who receive your messages. Why spend money on eyes that aren't qualified or interested in what you have to offer? Use Youtube targeting options to decide who gets to see your ads. Starting with demographic targeting, you can add affinity audiences (to reach people interested in a specific topic), custom affinity audiences, and in-market audiences.

Add interactive elements to your ads to get people to act.

You are advertising because you want to reach a goal. So why not use interactive features to get people to act? Having a great video ad is excellent. But getting actual results from that ad is another big thing. Navigate Youtube's interactive, actionable features to reach your video ad goals faster.


Ultimately, the most important thing for your YouTube ads campaign is to run them optimally. Pay attention to the collected data, and run your ads accordingly. With a little effort, you can get more out of your YouTube ad spend than you might have anticipated.

Do you find it difficult to work on these YouTube ads? Are you looking for help with your social media advertising campaigns? It's possible that we'd make a good team! KLB offers flexible digital advertising solutions that generate three times as many leads as traditional marketing for your business. 

Contact us and set up a video conference today!

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