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2023 Email Marketing Trends: 14 Ways To Stand Out In Any Inbox

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New digital marketing trends emerge every year, and email marketing is no exception. Is email marketing still relevant in 2023? You might be wondering. Unanimously, the response is yes! Email marketing has been around for a long time. Unlike many other digital marketing channels, it has demonstrated its ability to endure in an environment where the online environment is constantly evolving. Since email is your most direct channel for communicating with your customers, keeping up with the most recent developments in email marketing is critical.

Thankfully, that's why we're here! We've put together a list of 14 up-and-coming email marketing trends for 2023 to help you stay one step ahead of the competition. So here are the top email marketing trends you need to be aware of in the new year to stand out in even the busiest inbox, from embracing interactive emails to implementing AI into your strategy:

1. Motion Graphics 

A subject line in an email may grab your attention, but motion graphics maintain it. An email can be animated in various ways, from subtle movements like hover effects to fully animated GIFs to give it movement and energy. Studies have shown that animated emails can boost engagement by as much as 60%; thus, we should notice this trend in the upcoming year.

An animation is a valuable tool for email marketing since it has the extra advantage of simply explaining complicated ideas. For instance, energy can help explain the characteristics and benefits of a new product in an understandable manner, which can be challenging to do with static graphics. However, to avoid slowing down the loading time or making the email appear cluttered, you must employ animations in your emails sparingly and wisely.

2. Hyper-Personalization 

What comes to mind right away when you think of customized email messaging? Include your name in the subject line or a product suggestion based on your previous purchases. Brands elevated customization to unprecedented heights in 2022, and we only anticipate this trend to persist in the upcoming year.

Amazon's send time optimization tool is among the most compelling examples of hyper-personalization. Amazon is aware of the best times for each customer to open emails or make purchases based on information from previous customer behavior. This raises the likelihood that each consumer will open their emails by enabling them to send them at specific times. Brands that adopt this trend in the coming year will be better equipped to target their customers and offer an improved user experience.

3. Interactive Components 

Email marketing incorporates interactive components, a persistent digital marketing trend to watch in 2023. Brands can create an engaging and immersive customer experience by including interactive features in emails without requiring customers to click through and leave the email. Although driving traffic to your website is undoubtedly the ultimate goal, interactive components can still be used to grab customers' interest and increase their likelihood of visiting.

Furthermore, interactive emails can provide email marketers with relevant customer data. You may track client involvement, for instance, when they hover over specific interactive sections and use that information to modify future emails. This enables businesses to give their clients an even more individualized experience. Incorporate interactive components like polls, surveys, and quizzes into your email marketing strategy for 2023 if you want to stand out in a crowded inbox full of static messaging.

4. Shadow Mode 

The dark mode is a trend in email marketing that is becoming more and more popular, similar to web design. As the name suggests, Unclear mode emails are created with a dimmer color scheme and can give users a more pleasant, less taxing experience. By easing eye strain, it makes the text easier to read and helps mobile devices' batteries last longer.

Designating the dark mode is crucial because many of today's smart devices have a shady way or night mode setting. Of course, this doesn't imply that you should use dark colors when designing emails. However, including unclear mode-optimized communications in your email marketing strategy can give you an advantage in inboxes. To ensure that your campaigns look beautiful and are simple to read for all readers, regardless of their preferences, test your email designs using bright and dark modes.

5. Audience Division 

Regarding measuring your emails' effectiveness, audience segmentation is a crucial technique for ensuring that the subscribers who will find them most relevant receive them. The technique of categorizing subscribers based on certain factors, such as location or previous purchasing behavior, is known as audience segmentation. Instead of sending a single email blast that can be irrelevant to a significant section of your subscriber base, you can now send more focused emails tailored to each group's requirements and interests.

Your email campaigns should aim to create content that will connect with your readers and influence them to do the action you want them to, and audience segmentation is a valuable tool for doing this. It can be easier to ensure your emails are going to the correct person at the right time by segmenting your audience depending on their interests or where they are in your sales funnel. As a result, there are higher levels of engagement, more conversions, and higher ROI.

6. Design For Mobile Devices

60% of emails are opened on mobile devices; did you know that? Additionally, up to 79% of individuals claim to delete emails that aren't mobile-friendly! These figures are only predicted to rise over the following years, so if you want to stay competitive, you must design your email marketing campaigns with mobile users in mind.

Consider factors like text size, call-to-action location, and image sizing when designing for mobile. Additionally, consider integrating responsive design, which automatically transforms emails into a format appropriate for the device being used. By creating your emails with mobile usability in mind, you can ensure that your consumers have a good user experience regardless of their device.

7. Powerful Branding 

A successful digital marketing plan, including email marketing, depends on solid and consistent branding. Due to the intense rivalry in the industry, you must make sure that your emails stand out from the crowd in the customer's inbox. This entails maintaining a unified look across your email messages, utilizing the same typefaces, graphics, and color scheme.

It's crucial to develop distinctive and recognizable brand templates for each campaign. No matter the content of your emails, this will ensure that everything you send has a consistent look and feel. This will also make it simpler to evaluate the effectiveness of emails since you'll be able to see which branded templates get the highest click-through rates from your target market and modify your campaign as necessary.

8. Storytelling 

One of the most effective psychological techniques available to marketers is storytelling. Since people have been using stories to entertain and communicate for hundreds of years, employing them in email marketing would be a successful strategy for grabbing readers' attention. In addition, your readers will be more engaged if you can personally relate to them through intriguing storytelling in your emails.

The secret to compelling storytelling in email marketing is selecting the appropriate tales for your readership. Think of inventive ways to use narrative to highlight the significance of your product or service, how it has benefited others, or why customers should select yours over a rival's. As a result, you may establish a stronger connection with your readers and raise engagement by incorporating stories into your emails.

9. User-Generated Material

User-generated content, including email, is a lasting gift for your digital marketing plan. It is a successful strategy for fostering reader loyalty and trust and raising brand recognition. User-generated content is a vital resource for email marketers since it encourages individuals to act or buy when they see that others have previously done so.

Sending a "customer spotlight" email highlighting a client who has had success with your product or service is one innovative method to incorporate user-generated material into your emails. This might take the form of an interview, a testimonial, or even just a few images of the customer using your product. User-generated material can be a practical approach to convince your audience that your product or service is effective, regardless of how you decide to use it.

10. Video 

Including video in your email marketing strategy keeps your audience interested and entertained and gives you a better way to explain items or services than written descriptions. According to statistics, emails with video content can raise click-through rates by as much as 96%, which means that integrating videos into your campaigns can significantly enhance engagement and conversions.

What kinds of emails should you promote with videos? Since video marketing is adaptable, you may customize it to meet your unique requirements. This might take the form of client testimonials, explainer videos, product demos, or even a simple "hello" in a welcome email. Nevertheless, including video in your emails may be a terrific way to capture your readers' attention and leave a lasting impression, regardless of how you decide to utilize it.

11. Infographics 

Infographics, like film, are a fantastic method to simplify complex material for easier comprehension. They can display data, demonstrate trends or patterns, or spruce up your email campaign's visuals. Infographics can also break up long text passages to make them more visually appealing and retain readers' attention.

The secret to making a great infographic is to keep it straightforward and ensure that all the information is easily accessible. Focus on a few essential themes and use images to highlight them rather than overcrowding your infographic with data and figures. Naturally, you should ensure that the infographic you produce is consistent with your branding and the main marketing message of your email campaign.

12. Less Lengthy Subject Lines 

When it comes to email subject lines, there are occasions when less is more. Shorter subject lines are anticipated to be used by more marketers in 2023 to pique readers' interest. This entails eschewing long sentences in favor of intelligent queries or one-liners. According to a recent study, 16 characters or fewer subject lines had the highest open rates.

13. Campaigns For Omnichannel Marketing 

"Omnichannel marketing" refers to a consistent customer experience across many channels. This means that regardless of the marketing channel they choose to interact with your business through, whether it is emails, social media, or even in person, your customers should have a consistent experience. To ensure their communications reach their intended targets and leave a lasting impression, more marketers will use omnichannel marketing in 2023.

An omnichannel marketing campaign enables you to communicate with your clients in various ways and to cater your message to their specific requirements. You can personalize a customer's experience, for instance, if they join up for an email newsletter, by sending them tailored emails based on their interests or prior purchases. Additionally, you may utilize omnichannel marketing to direct clients to other platforms, like social media, where they can learn more about your company or engage with you directly. As a result, you'll be able to improve relationships with your customers, encourage higher engagement, and increase brand recognition by implementing a consistent experience across all channels.

14. Newsletters 

The reason newsletters are one of the oldest digital marketing strategies is that they are effective. You may keep your readers informed and up to speed on your brand's most recent events and news by sending email newsletters. This might cover future occasions or new product introductions, client spotlights, business updates, fresh blog pieces, and more.

Research demonstrates that newsletters can be a valuable tool for increasing engagement and conversions, so don't just take our word for it. According to a recent survey, 78% of consumers claimed they would purchase from a company after reading their newsletter. Therefore, investing in a carefully thought-out email newsletter plan could be the lead generator you need to stay competitive in the new year if you want to visit top-of-mind with your readers in 2023.


The trends covered here are just the beginning of an ever-evolving field called email marketing. If you want to make sure that your email marketing efforts are created to generate results, you must have the ability to stay abreast of the most recent advancements. But, of course, when you have your firm to run, this is easier said than done! 

We can help with that.

The digital marketing professionals at KLB Solutions are experts at creating email campaigns that raise your open rate, drive visitors, and increase your revenue. Our team of professionals is ready to help you maximize your ROI with everything from strategic content production to in-depth analytics and reporting. Contact us to begin developing your effective email marketing strategy.

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