Effective Digital Marketing Strategy for Law Firms

Effective Digital Marketing Strategy for Law Firms that can Drive More Traffic and Clients

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Digital marketing is an essential part of advertising for all law firms, regardless of your practice area. A solid digital marketing plan will help you bring in new potential clients, increasing your chances of conversion. In addition given the importance of the internet in daily life, it is impossible to ignore digital marketing when creating your overall advertising strategy.

Effective Digital Marketing Strategy for Law Firms

However, your law firm’s marketing may not always go according to plan. This is especially likely if you attempt to take care of all the marketing in-house and your team is not adequately trained in marketing. Explore some of the potential reasons your law firm’s online marketing plan may not be achieving the results you want.

SEO is more important than ever!

Any law firm’s digital marketing strategy should include SEO (search engine optimization). Search engine optimization is a set of methods that help your company rise in the listings on search engines like Google. The higher your company is listed, the more likely you are to have your link seen and the more likely you will notice an increase in traffic.

While most law firms understand the importance of SEO, the number of moving parts within an SEO strategy makes it hard to tackle alone. However, a strong SEO optimization strategy will help your business in the long term, as the efforts you put in remain in place.

Your SEO strategy needs to target relevant keywords for your practice for the best results. Instead of general law firm keywords, focus on those for divorce, family law, estate law, accident law, or whatever type of law you specialize in.

Consider Outsourcing to Law Firm Marketers

While exceptions to the rule exist, the average law firm does not have the time, resources, or experience to handle SEO in-house. In addition, depending on the size of your firm, this could easily be a full-time job for one or several people or even an entire team.

Target your Firm’s Audience with Digital Ads

Most ad platforms now let you target clients based on age, income, marital status, interest, gender, housing situation and etc. You can use this to focus your efforts and avoid wasting efforts to attract people who will never need your services.

Everyone uses Social Media

Social media is yet another way to boost your company’s online presence. It spreads your name and shows prospective clients that you are serious.

If you have social media pages but never update them or interact with potential clients on them, your strategy will struggle. Instead, make it a point to regularly update social media with posts that are relevant to the industry. For example, you could tweet essential tips for clients or a daily “Did you know?” post. In this way, you want to use social media to help show your law firm as a trusted industry expert, reassuring clients that you are knowledgeable.

You are also missing out if your marketing strategies do not incorporate client engagement via social media. Make sure potential, current, and past clients know they can reach you via social media. Respond to comments, tweets, and messages promptly.

Better yet, go out of your way and engage with others on relevant topics. Make sure that not all of your interactions on social media promote sales. This will come across as too pushy.

Having the Proper Mindset for Advertising

Even something as simple as not having the right mindset for advertising can put your law firm at a disadvantage. The most common example of this would be focusing on the digital equivalents of traditional advertising methods. So, instead of advertising on the radio or TV, you stick to paid advertisements. You may even be hesitant to budget solely for digital strategies, such as SEO.

While those will produce results, you need to combine them with unique digital strategies, such as SEO and social media. For example, online reviews take the place of references, and social media engagement takes the place of knocking on doors or directly interacting with potential clients. Of course, those traditional advertising methods still play a role, but if you forget about the unique approaches to digital advertising, you will be left behind.

After all, your law firm will be near-impossible to find online if you do not work on your search engine rankings.

Digital marketing will make your services more accessible to a broader audience.

It takes time, effort, and expertise. However, KLB Solutions can help you with a digital strategy that aligns with your firm’s business objectives.

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