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Direct Mail Marketing: 8 Tips to Make It Work!

October 18, 2022CategoriesTags

Do you know whom you're reaching with direct mail? Do you know what works best for your company and target audience? 

If not, now is the time to start. With the right strategy, research, and system implementation, direct mail marketing can be an effective tool for reaching your target audience. The question is: How do you use it as a business?

Why Direct Mail Marketing?

Direct mail marketing is a marketing technique that lets businesses deliver items such as postcards, catalogs, letters, and brochures straight into the hands of potential clients. These direct mailings are pieces of advertising collateral delivered to people's homes via postal service.

Let’s say you’ve considered hopping back to direct mail marketing. Fret not, we have gathered 8 top pieces of information on how to ace direct mail marketing on a step-by-step process. Keep reading on, the secrets are about to unravel for direct mail marketing.

Know your Audience

This tip is always crucial in every direct mail marketing strategy: Knowing your customers. Instead of randomly spreading your marketing, a much better result can be driven by actual data numbers. Start by looking at your previous marketing sales. Doing this can give you relevant information such as age, gender, and area or location of your customers.

This will also give you an idea of what audience demographic you have successfully engaged in your business. Remember, retaining customers and creating new leads is equally important, so start understanding your audience data through your existing customers. 

Make Your Way Towards your Audience Interests

Once you have the data of your audience, work on creating a deeper connection with your audience to understand their interests better. What do they do during their free time? Are they millennial who loves health and fitness activities? 

In creating a practical direct mail approach and message, highlight how your business's products and services can provide the audience with their value, lifestyle, and interests.

Your Brand Message Should be Clear and Simple

Remember, you just have the time it takes to capture their attention. Create a concise, appealing title that informs the reader what you have to offer right away. Then, in five lines or fewer, define how your company and offer are unique. If someone is scanning the text, the words you employ should be brief and easy to read.

Create a compelling Call-to-Action

Depending on your brand goal in integrating direct mailing into your business, you must state a clear Call-to-Action (CTA). Make it clear in the mailing if you want your consumer to visit your store to redeem their coupon. If you want to use direct mail to grow your Facebook following, explain that your company will be offering unique promotions or giveaways to their Facebook fans. Remember to provide value before making a commitment.

Pick a Medium

After determining your audience demographic and how to reach them, it's time to pick a medium where you want to deliver your ad. Depending on your budgetary requirements, there are cost-effective choices you can have, such as pamphlets or letters.

If you want your direct mail to stand out and benefit your customers, a catalog is a good choice, especially in promoting your business's products and services. If you want to know what direct mail works best for your business and audience, you can test the different types and see which brings better traffic and reaches your target audience.

Personalize your Mail

To effectively deliver your mail marketing to your target audience, personalize your mail to fit to your customers’ needs. For example, sending a flyer about mattresses to an audience who just bought a bed is a good strategy. 

People are cautious and tired of seeing ads all day long, a personalized discount or a coupon might be something that will help your customers feel valued and listened to.

Omnichannel marketing

You must integrate your business strategy into your other social media accounts along with many other marketing campaigns. Utilizing Omnichannel Marketing opens many opportunities for businesses to expand and make it easier to reach their target audience. 


Retargeting can also benefit from a multi-channel strategy. This is the approach used by astute marketers to reach the same consumer several times through various media. If you contact the exact individual numerous times, your chances of executing a successful direct mail campaign increase dramatically. They are more likely to remember your firm when they are ready to buy, and by viewing your offer several times, they may be prepared to buy when they see one of your adverts. Re-targeting can also help you track the success of your campaign.


Well now, after integrating a solid direct mail plan, you should have enough data and information to redefine your target demographic and adjust your message accordingly. These tips and tricks will assist you in developing your targeted marketing, aimed at retaining or expanding your consumer base. 

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