Staying Relevant: 5 Digital Marketing Trends that Direct Business Strategies

July 13, 2022


Staying relevant in the marketing trends is a massive part of a successful Digital Business. As digital strategies change, audience preferences and expectations of services and products also diversify. That is why knowing and understanding marketing trends is vital for businesses to stay ahead in digital marketing.

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Marketing trends can come and go just as quickly as fashion. Analyzing past trends can be hefty work. But the need for innovation and creativity sets the record for stewarding post-pandemic digital marketing trends. Yet with all these changes in marketing, business goals remain constant—to grow sales, increase ROI and expand the business network.

Here is the list of 5 essential Digital Marketing trends we have researched to help you prep and stay ahead in the market:

1. Interactive Content

The idea of customers building a relationship with a brand is evolving. Social media continues to connect consumers and brands by giving them a new level of excitement and product experience.

Customer preference for a business interaction has also moved to a more personal experience. Specifically, customers are keen to look for content experience that goes beyond traditional text content.

To stay ahead of the competition curve, create content that invites and encourages the audience to participate. Range of this type offers consumers a sense of personal connection, engagement, and uniqueness of the brand they consume.

2. Generation Z Marketing

Generation Z dominates most of the social media platform activities. Businesses must reconsider their marketing strategies and focus on targeting generation-Z’s attention and engagements. This generation is known to seek more memorable and participative experiences. As a generation who grew up in the digital age, Generation Z makes quick decisions and is driven by instant gratification activities. The traditional text content is declining in reach for this generation and, in turn, influences social media platforms that promote high sensory contents to rise.

So, as marketers, create contents that bring out a sense of inclusivity in your services and something to which the dominating generation can relate.

3. Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is not a new course in the market. However, it has become an important and a rising strategic action for businesses to meet client engagement effectively. Companies embrace partnering with social media influencers to endorse their business products, increase brand awareness, and drive new sales. 

In a survey from influencer marketing hub, 70% of teenagers trust product recommendations when they see them from influencers. The survey suggests that the voice of an influencer and the trust consumers have in these individuals creates a great deal of conversation for a business.

By working with influencers, these individuals capture the attention of the company's target clients. Influencers are good at their work and can easily promote helpful content for their partner businesses. In return, enterprises offer compensation to these influencers in cash, free products, or rewards. Partnering with the right influencers will give priceless benefits and access to new, highly convertible audiences. 

4. Personalization Marketing

Personalized marketing is the typical representation of the 'out with the old, in with the new' customer mindset. Research has shown that customers feel annoyed with how businesses continue to present generic messages. They perceived these ads as only wanting to make sales! A surprising 80% of consumers say that they are more likely to engage in business with a company if they have a perceived personalized experience.

Personalization marketing, therefore, is content marketing that intends to make customers feel that the brand message is made just for them. Big companies such as Netflix, YouTube, and Amazon use these data to make automated, personalized recommendations for customers to explore. And these businesses are seeing higher engagement rates, conversions, and customer reviews. 

Choosing how to adapt personalization marketing is crucial for your business' success. By adopting strategic optimization, companies can hope to benefit significant increase in their revenue.

5. Short Form Video Content

Video content has long proven its effective reach compared to straightforward, traditional, well-crafted text content. However, short-formed video content is increasingly making its name in digital marketing. The massive rise in short-form videos, namely Tiktok and Reels, has been widely used, shared, participated in, and engaged. And we cannot deny how it has directed businesses' approach to marketing their products and services to increase sales and discoverability.

There are main reasons short-form videos are increasing in popularity in the digital market. First, video contents make it easy for the audience to connect. If marketers can successfully communicate the content message and feelings through short videos, consumers are more likely to relate to them and view their business as genuine. More than that, short videos are easier to digest and retain longer among audiences.  

Second, it is highly shareable. Short-formed video does not require heavy video frames, making it easier for the audience to view and share the content with others. Thus, increasing the rates in the brand's content engagements. 


      These rising trends in digital marketing certainly push business creativity and innovation. While these trends give challenge and uncertainty, fast marketing development creates beauty in the digital space. Businesses need to adapt and deliver the ever-changing marketing strategies for their business to grow. Knowing and staying in the current trends allows companies to offer services to their clients and provide what their customers need– a creative and inventive content experience.

Do you need help in delivering creativity in your digital marketing strategy? WE ARE THE SOLUTION! Try our team of experts to help you provide the current marketing trends your business needs! Schedule a call with us.

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