Digital marketing for paving companies' Strategies You Need to Know

Digital Marketing for Paving Companies: Strategies You Need To Know

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Your paving business needs a way to get work. You could just set up shop and wait for people to show up, but that's not a good business strategy. Instead, you need to market yourself online if you want anyone to hire you.

Digital marketing for paving companies' Strategies You Need to Know

Digital marketing refers to anything that promotes your paving business via digital technology, particularly the Internet. Emails, search engines, websites, and more qualify as digital marketing channels. Putting your business out online and encouraging people to work with you will gain plenty of clients who will drive up revenue for your company.

Why digital marketing for pavement companies is so beneficial is because it gets your business in front of people where they tend to spend the most time. 

People spend so much of their time online today that it makes the Internet the ideal place to market themselves.

Here are the digital marketing strategies that can transform your asphalt or paving business:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and your paving company

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) puts your paving website in front of the right eyes. We use techniques to increase website activity and achieve high-ranking search engine placement. First, we comb online search trends and available keywords specific to the paving industry before naturally incorporating terms with the most potential into your website. 

Pay-per-click (PPC) Advertising

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising instantly drives traffic straight to your landing pages. Typically fulfilled through Google Ads, this advertisement model allows you to broadcast customized ad content across Google above the first organic listing. 

First, we build out a comprehensive keyword planner, reverse-engineering the search engine process to determine the most popular, most trafficked searches for your industry across the board. Next, this keyword planner is consolidated to only include keywords with the lowest cost-per-click bids and highest potential search volumes. 

We turn your paving PPC ads loose and continually optimize while interested parties are directed to your best landing pages.

Social Media Marketing To Show Your Paving Skills At Work

Did you know that social media is home to 33% of the average user's Internet time? With that level of influence, social media is the perfect place to reach large audiences online.

You can market your paving company on the social media platforms of your choice by creating an account and posting engaging content. 

The goal is to attract traffic and spread your brand awareness.

You can also advertise on social media with paid social media ads, which appear right in users' social media feeds. 

Our team is familiar with targeted ads across every central social platform: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. In addition, we draft social content calendars that allow your brand to speak to its strong points.

Web Design and Development

Your website is a handshake if your online presence represents a conversation with a potential client. Unfortunately, that means that you have to practice good web design for any of them to be effective.

When you build a website, you need to ensure that it looks appealing and functions smoothly. Strong points should headline your website through engaging content and growth-driven design.

Content Marketing

No matter how good your web design is, it won't matter if there's nothing on your site to attract people in the first place. That's where content marketing enters the picture.

Content marketing is the practice of creating valuable content on your site for people to engage with. For example, you might write that content articles like blog posts, or it might be something like videos aimed at informing people about your business or industry.

You first write the content to draw people in, and then you use SEO to get it into Google rankings, where people will find it. 

Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the best strategies because your email subscribers have expressed a clear interest in your business by signing up for your email lists. Because they've demonstrated this interest, they're some of the most likely people to convert.

Email marketing for paving companies works as a functional extension of your brand voice. 

If you're in the market for a brand refresh, Front Porch Solutions is the facelift your paving company has been searching for. Our dedicated team of agency professionals is already familiar with the nuances that come with advertisements across the paving industry; we've served as the marketing backbone behind successful paving companies for years. So get in touch with our team today if it's time to bring your paving business into the twenty-first century.

KLB Solutions can help you transition to an online platform for your paving company!

Online marketing involves quite a bit of effort, and it can be helpful to have some help managing it. You can look at some of our successful clients who trusted us and our strategies.

Contact us and get a free quote today! (808) 634-2105

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