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Design Marketing: A Guide for Startups and Small Businesses

November 29, 2022CategoriesTags

Design is a powerful marketing tool that can help your brand stand out from the crowd and give your products a sense of personalization that only brands can provide. But how much do you know about the design and how to leverage it in your marketing? 

This article will explore how to get customers to purchase through design. Read on to discover more!

What is Design Marketing?

Design marketing uses graphic design to create appealing images, text, and other visuals to drive action. Plans can help amplify your brand's message and transform your products into must-have items. It is generally all about speaking and promoting your brand as visually appealing, which is made possible through Graphic Design Marketing.

Why is Design Important in Marketing?

When we think about design, it is easy to focus on visuals and not the customer experience. Yet, strategy is essential in marketing because it makes a difference; it creates interest in your brand; it affects people on a fundamental level - visually; it connects you to your customers; and, most importantly, it's the face of your business. 

How things look can significantly impact people's interest in your brand and how your brand is perceived. But, at the end of every marketing effort, no matter how clean you create content and do targeting, it can only be called effective if it sells.

How to Get Customers to Purchase through Design

Now that we've covered why design is so important, let's talk about how to get customers to purchase through the plan. 

  • Design that directly correlates to your products. 

When you sell food products, you must create designs that directly correlate to your products. This is to help customers easily recognize what your product or service is all about. Making it easy for customers to associate your business with a particular design or image helps them remember your business and makes it more searchable and easy for possible sales conversion.

  • Design that directly drives sales conversations 

If your customers want to start talking about your brand, you must create designs that drive sales conversations directly. You want your customers to discuss the benefits of your products, how to use your products, and other topics that relate to your products. Create content that targets these sales points and ensure it is properly executed. Remember, no matter how good the content is, if it's not converting for you, it's just another piece of content.

Understand the Psychology of Buying

Buyer psychology is a study that integrates economic, psychological, and communicative principles. It aims to comprehend how people generate opinions about a brand and its products and how those opinions convert into purchasing decisions. 

Understanding this buyer psychology helps businesses develop authentic, engaging reputations and meet consumer expectations. Companies can use this psychology to craft strategies to reinvent their products and brands. It allows organizations to realign their brand's mission, products, and user experience to better cater to consumers' purchasing behavior.

What makes a good purchase decision?

Before you create your first design, you want to understand your customer's buying decision-making process. Here are some factors that influence your customers' decisions to buy: 

  • Available time. When is the most active time consumers purchase? Most people make their buying decisions in two main scenarios: when they are pressed for time or have time on their hands. Collect data on this factor to target the possible time to promote your business to their social media feeds.
  • Decision-making experience. If a customer buys your product, chances are they have already decided to make the purchase or thoroughly researched the product before concluding to purchase. Either way, as marketers, you can keep track of this decision-making factor of consumers by using the data on your click-ads and seeing where your customer belongs in her decision-making.
  • Attitude towards the product. The last factor influencing your customers' buying decisions is the product's attitude. Philosophy means how your customers perceive the message of your product or brand. Is it too direct? Is it too simple? All the tangible features of your brand design affect people receiving your brand, from the color combination and the tone of the message to the CTA. 


Design marketing can make your marketing website worth visiting. The design makes a difference in any marketing campaign. It creates interest in your brand; it affects people on a fundamental level - visually; it connects you to your customers; and, most importantly, it's the face of your business. 

But it can be too complicated if you need help knowing where to get help. That said, you need to work with someone on a team who not only has what you're looking for but a team who walks the talk in achieving your business goals. 

If you want to know more about achieving a marketing strategy that sells, KLB Solutions is just one click away!

Contact us today, and let's make your dreams into reality!

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